Tri savjeta za poboljšanje prilagođavanja Vision Pro su objavljeni danas od strane Apple-a. Prva i najvažnija stvar je pravilan položaj uređaja na glavi, jer ako nije dobro postavljen, izazivaće težinu i neudobnost, uz mogućnost zamagljenog prikaza. Apple je objavio nekoliko dokumenta podrške koji pružaju informacije o pravilnom nošenju Vision Pro uređaja, kao i šta raditi ako se susretnete sa određenim problemima, kao što su curenje svetla ili poteškoće sa postavkom u očima. U ovom članku ćemo sumirati te savjete kako biste mogli poboljšati prilagođavanje Vision Pro uređaja i osigurati najbolje iskustvo sa ovim proizvodom.

Tri savjeta za poboljšanje prilagođavanja Vision Pro

Selecting a Band

When it comes to the Apple Vision Pro, there are two band options available: the Solo Knit Band and the Dual Loop Band. Regardless of the band you choose, it is crucial that the Vision Pro fits comfortably on your head. It should feel balanced across your cheeks and forehead, providing a snug fit without being too tight. If the band is too tight, it can cause discomfort, skin sensitivity, and marks on your face. However, it is worth noting that some temporary and light markings are expected with regular usage.

To select the right band, you should prioritize comfort. Choose the band that feels the most comfortable on your head, and then make adjustments accordingly.

Solo Knit Band Adjustments

If you have chosen the Solo Knit Band and find that it is not fitting properly, there are a few adjustments you can make:

  • To loosen the band if it feels too tight, rotate the Fit Dial counterclockwise and pull the device away from your face by gripping the frame. If it still doesn’t loosen enough, you may need to try a larger size.

  • If the band feels too loose, you can tighten it by turning the Fit Dial clockwise. If tightening it further doesn’t help, consider trying a different size.

  • If you feel pressure on your forehead, try raising the Solo Knit Band slightly by pulling it up on the back of your head.

  • To relieve pressure on your cheeks, you can lower the Solo Knit Band by pulling it slightly down on the back of your head.

  • If you experience pressure across the bridge of your nose, you may want to switch to the Light Cushion marked with a + or consider using the Dual Loop Band.

Dual Loop Band Adjustments

If you have opted for the Dual Loop Band and need to make adjustments, here are a few tips:

  • If the headband feels too tight, hold the Vision Pro to your face and use your other hand to loosen the upper and lower straps of the Dual Loop Band. Pull the device away from your face by gripping the frame.

  • To relieve pressure on your forehead, hold the frame and loosen the lower strap, then tighten the upper strap.

  • If you feel pressure on your cheeks, hold the frame, pull down the lower strap, and loosen the upper strap.

  • To alleviate pressure across the bridge of your nose, you can switch to the Light Cushion marked with a + or switch back to the Solo Knit Band.

Light Seal Cushion Fit

The Light Seal Cushion plays a crucial role in achieving a good fit for the Vision Pro. Here are some tips for ensuring a proper fit:

  • If your eyelashes brush against the Vision Pro or you receive a notification that your eyes are too close, consider swapping to the Light Cushion marked with a +. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you may need to try a different Light Seal size.

  • If your eyes are too far from the displays, try using the thinner Light Seal Cushion. If that doesn’t work, consider trying a different Light Seal size.

Realign Displays

If you feel pressure on the bridge of your nose and adjusting the band does not help, Apple suggests using the Realign Displays feature. You can find this feature under Settings > Eyes and Hands. To move the displays slightly away from your nose, press the Top Button to move them outward. Conversely, press and hold the Digital Crown to move the displays inward for ideal visual alignment.

Fixing Light Leakage

Light leakage can be a common issue with any head-mounted device, including the Vision Pro. To determine if you are experiencing light leakage, use the Vision Pro in both brightly lit and dimly lit environments. If the experience improves in a dimly lit room, it indicates a light leakage problem that can be addressed by adjusting the fit of the Vision Pro headband or choosing a different Light Seal Cushion.

If the dimly lit room does not improve the experience, it suggests that there may be light originating from the display, causing reflections within the optical system. It’s worth noting that some light leakage around the nose is considered normal.

Tips for Getting a Good Fit

To ensure a good fit for your Vision Pro, consider the following tips:

  • Remove any facial jewelry, such as nose rings or eyebrow rings, before putting on the Apple Vision Pro.

  • Uneven facial discomfort, such as pressure on the forehead, cheeks, or nose, is an indication that you might need a different Light Seal or Light Seal Cushion. Other signs include light leakage, eyelashes brushing on the display, and alerts about eye position.

  • Avoid getting your hair caught in either the band or the cable to prevent tugging and discomfort.

  • The Vision Pro is not designed for children under the age of 13, and it may not fit properly on their heads.

Tri savjeta za poboljšanje prilagođavanja Vision Pro

Solving Eye Setup Issues

If you encounter issues with the Vision Pro eye setup feature, there are several potential solutions:

  • Ensure that the fit of the device is correct and follow any directions or alerts displayed on the Vision Pro.

  • Eyelash extensions or items near your eyes, such as rhinestones or glitter, can interfere with the eye setup process. Remove them before using the Vision Pro.

  • Wet or dry eyes can affect the eye setup feature. Ensure that your eyes are in an optimal state for setup.

  • Debris on the Vision Pro display or ZEISS Optical Inserts can disrupt the eye setup process. Clean the device and inserts to resolve the issue.

  • Cosmetic contact lenses are not compatible with the Vision Pro and need to be removed before using the device.

  • Hard contact lenses might not work effectively with the Vision Pro.

  • Certain medical conditions, such as eyelid drooping, changes in eye alignment, or uncontrolled eye movements, can make it difficult for the Vision Pro to detect your eyes. In such cases, there are several Accessibility features that can assist you.

More Help

If the fit tips provided do not resolve your issues with the Apple Vision Pro, it is recommended to visit a local Apple Store for further assistance. It is crucial to act quickly, as the exchange process must be initiated within 14 days of receiving the Vision Pro and its accessories.

For more information and to stay updated on the Vision Pro and visionOS, you can visit

Tri savjeta za poboljšanje prilagođavanja Vision Pro

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