Google i Fitbit polako kombinuju svoje resurse od njihove akvizicije početkom 2021. godine, ali nedavno su se dogodile neke prilično velike promjene koje imaju za cilj da Fitbit brend bude usklađen s ostalim Google uslugama. U proteklih nekoliko sedmica, Fitbit je pretrpio rebranding, a Google je napravio neke promjene na svojoj online prodavnici koje uključuju više Fitbit dodataka. Također su najavljene nove funkcije na pomolu koje će biti vrlo uzbudljive. Ako ste ljubitelj svega što se tiče Google-a i Android-a, razmislite o pretplati na ovaj kanal, jer se uvijek trudimo da pratimo najnovije vijesti o Google-u. Uz to, imamo mnogo više Google-ovog sadržaja u pripremi.

Rebranding of Fitbit

Google Fitbit: Personalizirane obavijesti o šetnji

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Fitbit by Google branding on website

Fitbit has recently undergone a rebranding process to align its brand more closely with Google. On their website, the Fitbit logo has been replaced with the new Fitbit by Google branding. This change first appeared in August of 2022, just before the launch of the first pixel watch. Since then, Fitbit products, packaging, and video promotions have all featured the Fitbit by Google branding. This rebranding signifies the deeper integration of Fitbit into Google’s operations, following the reorganization of their hardware division earlier this year. With this rebranding, Fitbit is now officially a part of the Google family, along with Google Nest and Google Pixel.

Replacement of packaging and video promotions

In addition to the Fitbit by Google branding on their website, Fitbit has also updated their packaging and video promotions. The new packaging now features the Fitbit by Google logo, further solidifying the connection between the two brands. This change not only enhances the overall brand consistency but also reflects the integration of Fitbit into Google’s ecosystem. Additionally, Fitbit’s video promotions now showcase the new branding, emphasizing the collaboration between Fitbit and Google.

Integration of Fitbit into Google operations

The rebranding of Fitbit is just one part of Google’s ongoing efforts to integrate Fitbit into their operations. Google and Fitbit have been gradually combining their resources since Google’s acquisition of Fitbit in early 2021. This integration involves aligning Fitbit with other Google services and products, such as Google Nest and Google Pixel. The rebranding and deeper integration of Fitbit into Google’s operations demonstrate the commitment to seamless collaboration between the two brands.

Updates to Google Store

Expansion of Fitbit accessories

Google Store has made significant updates to its Fitbit offerings. The store now includes a wider range of Fitbit accessories for customers to choose from. This expansion ensures that Fitbit users have access to a variety of accessories to enhance their Fitbit experience.

Google Fitbit: Personalizirane obavijesti o šetnji

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Offering of first-party Fitbit bands and chargers

As part of the updates to the Google Store, Google is now offering first-party Fitbit bands and chargers. Customers can choose from a selection of bands, including stainless steel mesh and horine leather. These first-party bands provide Fitbit users with more options to personalize and customize their devices. Additionally, Google is also offering replacement chargers, ensuring that Fitbit users can easily replace their charging cables when needed.

Expansion of third-party accessories

Alongside the first-party accessories, the Google Store is expanding its range of third-party Fitbit accessories. This includes products like the Wasser Steen 3in1 charging station and third-party screen protectors. By offering a diverse selection of third-party accessories, Google aims to cater to the unique preferences and needs of Fitbit users.

Google Fitbit: Personalizirane obavijesti o šetnji

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Possible discontinuation of Fitbit store

With the introduction of Fitbit accessories on the Google Store, there is speculation about the possible discontinuation of the Fitbit store. While this decision has not been confirmed, it would make the entire purchasing process more streamlined and consolidated. In the meantime, Fitbit users have the option to purchase their accessories from the Google Store, taking advantage of benefits like the 10% off discount for Google One members.

Update on Fitbit Labs

Introduction of AI-powered chatbot

Fitbit Labs, a program that allows premium users to test and provide feedback on upcoming experimental features, is introducing an AI-powered chatbot. This chatbot will allow users to ask questions about their Fitbit data in a conversational manner. Similar to other AI-powered chatbots like Gemini or chat GPT, the Fitbit chatbot will analyze the user’s data and provide personalized coaching and actionable steps based on the insights gained. For example, users can ask about their Activ Zone minutes and how it correlates with their sleep quality, or request recommendations on adjusting their workouts based on their sleep patterns. The AI-powered chatbot is expected to be released later this year, initially available to a limited number of Android users enrolled in the Fitbit Labs program.

Google Fitbit: Personalizirane obavijesti o šetnji

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Personalized coaching based on Fitbit data

The introduction of the AI-powered chatbot in Fitbit Labs brings personalized coaching to Fitbit users. By leveraging the user’s Fitbit data, the chatbot can provide tailored recommendations and guidance. This personalized coaching aims to help users make informed decisions about their health and fitness goals. With actionable steps based on their own data, users can optimize their exercise routines and improve their overall well-being.

Limited release for Android users enrolled in Fitbit Labs program

Initially, the AI-powered chatbot will have a limited release, available only to Android users enrolled in the Fitbit Labs program. This allows Fitbit to gather feedback and refine the chatbot’s functionality before rolling it out to a wider audience. By testing the chatbot with a select group of users, Fitbit can ensure that the feature is optimized and meets the needs of Fitbit users.

Personalized notifications through Walkmate

Testing of personalized notifications

Fitbit is currently testing personalized notifications through a program called Walkmate. This program is designed for users who struggle to meet their daily step count. Once enrolled, users will receive daily Fitbit notifications that prompt them to plan a walk for the day. Throughout the day, Fitbit will track their steps and active zone minutes in the background, allowing users to see the impact of their pre-planned walk. This program aims to encourage and motivate users to incorporate more physical activity into their daily routines.

Program aimed at users with low daily step count

Walkmate is specifically geared towards Fitbit users who have a low daily step count, targeting those who may struggle to get enough walking time. By focusing on this group of users, Fitbit aims to provide tailored support and guidance to help them increase their physical activity levels. The personalized notifications serve as reminders and encourage users to incorporate more walking into their daily lives.

Daily Fitbit notification and tracking of steps and active zone minutes

With the Walkmate program, Fitbit users will receive a daily notification that prompts them to plan a walk for the day. This notification serves as a reminder and encourages users to prioritize physical activity. Throughout the day, Fitbit will track their steps and active zone minutes in the background, providing users with a comprehensive view of their activity levels. By visualizing the impact of their pre-planned walk, users can gain a better understanding of how their daily activities contribute to their overall health and well-being.

Rollout of Health Connect integration

Introduction of Health Connect feature

Fitbit is rolling out the Health Connect feature, which integrates data from various health apps. This feature allows Fitbit users to bring all their health-related data together in one place, providing a holistic view of their well-being. Users can connect apps like My Fitness Pal, Whoop, and Google Fit, consolidating their health data for easier tracking and analysis.

Integration of data from various health apps

With the Health Connect feature, Fitbit users can seamlessly integrate data from various health apps into their Fitbit app. This integration eliminates the need to switch between multiple apps to view different aspects of their health. Users can access their fitness activities, nutrition data, and other health-related information all within the Fitbit app.

Early appearance in Fitbit app

The rollout of the Health Connect feature has already begun, with early appearances in the Fitbit app. This feature aligns with Google’s focus on health and wellness, as it enables users to have a more comprehensive and centralized view of their health data. By bringing together data from different health apps, Fitbit aims to provide a more integrated and personalized health experience for its users.

Significance of the Fitbit changes

Deeper connection between Google and Fitbit

The rebranding of Fitbit and the integration of Fitbit into Google’s operations signify a deeper connection between the two brands. Since Google’s acquisition of Fitbit, the companies have been working towards aligning their resources and leveraging each other’s strengths. By bringing Fitbit under the umbrella of Google, there is a stronger collaboration between the two brands, promoting seamless integration and innovation.

Expected future changes

With the rebranding and integration of Fitbit into Google’s ecosystem, it is likely that we will see further changes and enhancements in the future. Google is known for its continuous development and improvement of its products and services. As Fitbit becomes more integrated with Google, we can expect new features, updates, and innovations that further enhance the user experience.

Excitement for the transition

The rebranding and major updates to Fitbit have generated excitement among Fitbit users and tech enthusiasts. The deeper integration with Google brings the promise of improved features, seamless connectivity, and a more holistic health experience. Fitbit users can look forward to a more personalized and comprehensive approach to their health and fitness journey, supported by the collaboration between Fitbit and Google.

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