Prema izvješću objavljenom na, popularna društvena medijska platforma X (kako je nekada bila poznata kao Twitter) uskoro će početi naplaćivati „malu naknadu“ novim korisnicima za objavljivanje sadržaja, lajkovanje, odgovaranje i označavanje tweetova. CEO Elon Musk izjavio je da je ova odluka donesena kako bi se suzbio stalni problem botova na platformi. Iako je testiranje naplate već provedeno na Novom Zelandu i Filipinima, nejasno je kako će ova politika zaustaviti spam račune i botove. Postavlja se pitanje hoće li ova nova mjera privući ili odbiti redovne korisnike platforme X, s obzirom na to da mnoge druge društvene mreže i dalje pružaju besplatno korištenje svojih usluga.

Social media platform X may charge new users a ‘small fee’ for posting and engaging

Social media platform X has announced that it will soon begin charging new users a „small fee“ for posting content, as well as for liking, replying, and bookmarking tweets. The CEO of X, Elon Musk, confirmed this development, stating that the purpose of the fee is to combat the persistent issue of bots on the platform.

X Može Naplatiti Mali Naknadu Novim Korisnicima za Objavljivanje, Lajkovanje i Odgovaranje

Text strings on the website updated to mention the fee

Users and visitors to the X website have recently observed that text strings on the site have been updated to mention a small annual fee that new users will need to pay in order to access the social network. This change in the website’s text suggests that the fee requirement will soon be implemented.

CEO Elon Musk confirms the fee is to combat bots

Elon Musk, the CEO of X, responded to queries regarding the introduction of the fee for new users, stating that the decision was made in order to counter the relentless onslaught of bots on the platform. Bots have been a significant problem on social media platforms, often spreading spam and misinformation. By implementing a fee, X hopes to discourage bot creators and reduce the incidence of spam accounts.

X Može Naplatiti Mali Naknadu Novim Korisnicima za Objavljivanje, Lajkovanje i Odgovaranje

Fee previously tested in New Zealand and the Philippines

Before introducing the fee to a wider audience, X conducted tests in New Zealand and the Philippines. This allowed the platform to assess the effectiveness of the fee in combating bots and spam accounts. The tests were specific to new users, ensuring that existing users were not affected by the fee requirement.

Users can pay the fee or wait three months to engage

According to X’s updated language on its website, new users will be required to pay a small annual fee before they can engage on the platform. Alternatively, they can choose to wait for a period of three months, after which they will be able to access the full range of features without paying the fee. This approach gives users flexibility in choosing how to begin their engagement with the platform.

X Može Naplatiti Mali Naknadu Novim Korisnicima za Objavljivanje, Lajkovanje i Odgovaranje

New accounts required to pay a small annual fee before posting, liking, bookmarking, and replying

The updated language on the X website clearly states that new accounts must pay a small annual fee before they can engage in activities such as posting, liking, bookmarking, and replying to content. This policy is aimed at reducing spam and creating a better experience for all users. However, it does not mention the option of being able to post for free after three months.

Write actions will be free after three months

Although the updated language on the X website does not explicitly state that write actions will be free after three months, Elon Musk confirmed this information in a tweet. This means that new users who choose to wait for three months will be able to post content without paying a fee.

Uncertainty about how the fee will prevent spam accounts and bots

There is still uncertainty surrounding how the introduction of the fee will effectively prevent the creation of spam accounts and combat bots on the platform. Critics argue that spammers may simply choose to pay the fee or create multiple accounts and wait for the three-month waiting period to pass. The long-term effectiveness of the fee requirement for preventing bots and spam remains to be seen.

Concerns about user discouragement and competition with other free social networks

One potential consequence of introducing a fee for new users is the risk of user discouragement. Users may be hesitant to join a social media platform that requires an extra step of paying a fee when there are other free alternatives available. X will need to carefully consider the balance between discouraging potential users and the potential benefits of deterring bots and improving the overall user experience.

Approximate fee amount is $1

The exact amount of the fee for new users on X has not been explicitly stated. However, based on its cost of $1.75 NZD in New Zealand, it is estimated that the fee will be around $1 USD. This relatively low cost may mitigate some of the concerns about user discouragement.

Fake accounts limit good handles on the platform

Elon Musk also highlighted another issue that the fee aims to address. He mentioned that fake accounts on the platform take up space in the available username namespace, limiting the availability of „good handles“ for genuine users. By introducing a fee, X can potentially discourage the creation of fake accounts and free up usernames for legitimate users.

Millions of usernames to be freed up in the coming weeks

As part of X’s efforts to address the issue of fake accounts and limited username availability, the platform has already freed up over a million usernames. Moreover, Musk stated that X will continue working to „free up tens of millions“ of usernames in the coming weeks. This initiative will ensure a more diverse range of usernames for users to choose from.

In conclusion, social media platform X is set to introduce a small fee for new users who wish to actively engage on the platform. This fee, previously tested in New Zealand and the Philippines, is aimed at combatting bots and spam accounts. While there are concerns about its effectiveness and potential user discouragement, X believes that this fee will enhance the overall user experience and create a better environment for genuine users. With millions of usernames expected to be freed up, X hopes to attract new users while maintaining a balance between deterring bots and ensuring user satisfaction.

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