U ovom članku vrši se sveobuhvatna usporedba između Smartsheeta i monday.com, dva popularna softvera za radnu suradnju i upravljanje projektima. Smartsheet je poznat po svojim moćnim značajkama upravljanja projektima, dok monday.com nudi alate za planiranje projekata i praćenje zadataka. Uspoređuju se njihove značajke, cijene i ostali aspekti kako biste mogli donijeti informiranu odluku o tome koji je softver najbolji za vaš tim. Smartsheet nudi nekoliko različitih planova, uključujući besplatni, Pro, Business i Enterprise plan, dok monday.com ima pet različitih planova. Oba softvera pružaju značajke poput upravljanja zadacima, timskog suradnje i upravljanja radnim tokovima. Smartsheet se ističe po snažnim sigurnosnim značajkama, neograničenom broju besplatnih preglednika i naprednim mogućnostima izvješćivanja. Monday.com nudi suradnju i produktivnostne značajke, ali ograničen pristup moćnim značajkama u planovima nižeg ranga. Vaš izbor između ova dva softvera ovisi o specifičnim potrebama vašeg tima. Ako su vaši članovi tima navikli koristiti Excel ili Google Sheets, Smartsheet bi mogao biti bolji izbor, dok je monday.com bolje rješenje za prilagođene radne tokove.

Smartsheet vs. monday.com (2023): sveobuhvatna usporedba

Uspoređivanje značajki, cijena i ostalih aspekata između Smartsheeta i monday.com


Upravljanje zadacima

Both Smartsheet and monday.com offer powerful task management tools that allow teams to create and assign tasks, set due dates, and track progress. These tools provide a centralized platform for team members to collaborate on tasks and ensure that projects stay on track.

Timski kalendar

Both platforms also provide a team calendar feature that allows teams to visualize and manage their schedules. This feature helps team members stay organized and ensures that everyone is aware of upcoming deadlines and milestones.

Praćenje napretka

Both Smartsheet and monday.com offer progress tracking features that allow teams to monitor and measure the progress of their projects. These features provide real-time visibility into project status, enabling teams to identify and address any issues or delays promptly.

Kreiranje šablona

Both platforms allow users to create templates for commonly used workflows or projects. This feature saves time and eliminates the need to recreate the same tasks or processes repeatedly. Templates can be customized to fit the specific needs of each team or project.


Smartsheet offers a robust registry feature that allows teams to track and manage various types of data, such as inventory, assets, or client information. This feature provides a centralized database that can be easily accessed and updated by team members.

Upozorenja i obavijesti

Both Smartsheet and monday.com offer notification and alert features that keep team members informed about important updates or changes. These features help ensure that everyone stays on top of project developments and can take appropriate action when necessary.

Integracije sa drugim alatima

Both platforms offer integrations with popular third-party tools such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. These integrations allow teams to seamlessly transfer data between platforms and leverage the functionalities of multiple tools.

Mogućnost prilagodbe

Both Smartsheet and monday.com offer customizable features that allow teams to tailor the platform to their specific needs. This includes customizing workflows, adding custom fields, and creating personalized dashboards.

Kreiranje izvješća

Smartsheet offers advanced reporting capabilities that allow teams to generate comprehensive reports and analytics. These reports provide valuable insights into project performance and can help teams make data-driven decisions. monday.com also offers reporting features, although they may be more limited in comparison.

Sigurnost i privatnost

Both platforms prioritize the security and privacy of user data. They employ industry-standard encryption protocols and offer features such as access controls and user permissions to ensure that data is protected. Smartsheet also provides additional security features, such as data loss prevention and audit trails.


Smartsheet planovi

Smartsheet offers a range of pricing plans to accommodate teams of different sizes and needs. They offer a Free plan, which provides basic features and limited storage. The Pro plan is suitable for individual users or small teams and offers additional features such as premium support. The Business plan is designed for larger teams and includes advanced user management capabilities. The Enterprise plan is the most comprehensive and is tailored to meet the needs of large organizations with complex workflows and security requirements.

Monday.com planovi

Monday.com offers five different pricing plans: Basic, Standard, Pro, Enterprise, and Enterprise+. The Basic plan is limited in terms of features and functionality and is suitable for smaller teams. The Standard plan provides additional features such as timeline and calendar views. The Pro plan offers advanced features such as time tracking and integrations with third-party apps. The Enterprise and Enterprise+ plans are designed for larger organizations with more extensive needs and offer additional customization options and dedicated account managers.

Besplatne verzije

Both Smartsheet and monday.com offer free versions of their platforms. These free versions provide basic functionality and are suitable for individuals or small teams with limited needs. The free versions may have limitations in terms of storage, the number of users, or access to advanced features.

Dodatni troškovi

It’s important to note that while the base pricing plans of Smartsheet and monday.com may cover the majority of needs, there may be additional costs associated with certain features or add-ons. For example, additional storage beyond the allocated amount may incur extra charges. It’s essential for teams to carefully review the pricing details of each platform to determine any potential additional costs.

Povoljnosti za studente i neprofitne organizacije

Both Smartsheet and monday.com offer special pricing or discounts for students and nonprofit organizations. These discounts can provide cost savings for eligible teams and make the platforms more accessible to educational and charitable organizations.

Uspoređivanje značajki, cijena i ostalih aspekata između Smartsheeta i monday.com

Prednosti Smartsheeta

Snažne sigurnosne značajke

Smartsheet prioritizes the security and privacy of user data. The platform employs industry-standard encryption protocols and offers additional security features such as data loss prevention and audit trails. These robust security measures help protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Neograničen broj besplatnih preglednika

One of the significant advantages of Smartsheet is that it allows an unlimited number of collaborators on the Free plan. This means that teams can collaborate with external stakeholders without incurring additional costs. This feature promotes collaboration and enables teams to work seamlessly with clients, partners, or contractors.

Napredne mogućnosti izvješćivanja

Smartsheet offers powerful reporting capabilities that allow teams to generate comprehensive reports and analytics. These reports provide valuable insights into project performance, resource allocation, and progress tracking. The ability to customize and automate these reports saves time and provides teams with real-time visibility into critical project metrics.

Fleksibilnost u prilagodbi radnih listova

One of Smartsheet’s strengths is its flexibility in customizing workspaces and workflows. The platform allows teams to create custom fields, automate processes, and customize views to fit their specific needs. This flexibility enables teams to adapt the platform to their existing workflows and maximize productivity.

Integracija sa Excelom i Google Sheets

Smartsheet offers seamless integration with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. This integration allows teams to import and export data between the platforms, enabling them to leverage the functionalities of multiple tools. It also makes it easier for teams to transition from spreadsheets to Smartsheet, as they can continue working with familiar tools.

Nedostaci Smartsheeta

Nema naprednih analitičkih alata

One of the limitations of Smartsheet is the lack of advanced analytics tools. While the platform offers robust reporting features, it may not have the same level of advanced data analysis capabilities as dedicated business intelligence tools. Teams that require complex data analysis may need to supplement Smartsheet with additional analytics software.

Nepraktično za manje timove i projekte

Smartsheet is a powerful tool designed for larger teams and complex projects. However, for smaller teams or simpler projects, the extensive features and capabilities of the platform may be unnecessary and even overwhelming. In such cases, a more streamlined and intuitive project management tool may be more suitable.

Nedostatak intuitivnosti u korisničkom sučelju

Some users may find Smartsheet’s user interface less intuitive compared to other project management tools. The platform has a steep learning curve, especially for users who are not familiar with spreadsheet-based project management tools. While Smartsheet provides extensive documentation and support resources, teams may need to allocate time for training and onboarding.

Uspoređivanje značajki, cijena i ostalih aspekata između Smartsheeta i monday.com

Prednosti Monday.com

Suradnja tima

Monday.com is renowned for its collaboration features that foster teamwork and communication. The platform provides a centralized hub where team members can collaborate, share files, and provide updates on project progress. The intuitive interface and interactive features make it easy for team members to stay connected and work together effectively.

Efikasno praćenje radnih zadataka

Monday.com offers robust task tracking capabilities that allow teams to create, assign, and monitor tasks. The platform provides visual cues and progress indicators that help team members stay organized and prioritize their work. These features promote accountability and ensure that tasks are completed on time.

Kreiranje prilagođenih radnih tokova

One of the key strengths of monday.com is its flexibility in creating custom workflows. The platform allows teams to design and implement workflows that align with their specific processes and requirements. This customization capability enables teams to streamline their workflows and automate repetitive tasks.

Koristan timski kalendar

Monday.com offers a comprehensive team calendar feature that provides an overview of upcoming deadlines, milestones, and events. This visual representation of the team’s schedule helps team members plan their work, allocate resources, and avoid conflicts. The calendar can be easily shared with stakeholders to improve project visibility.

Jednostavno upravljanje projektima

Monday.com is known for its user-friendly interface and intuitive project management features. The platform’s drag-and-drop functionality and customizable boards make it easy to create and manage projects. This simplicity enables teams to quickly adapt to the platform and start collaborating efficiently.

Nedostaci Monday.com

Ograničen pristup moćnim značajkama u nižim paketima

One of the drawbacks of monday.com is that some of the more advanced features and functionalities are only available in higher-tier plans. This means that teams on lower-tier plans may not have access to certain powerful tools that could enhance their project management capabilities. It’s important for teams to consider their specific needs and compare them with the features offered in each plan.

Visoke cijene za veće timove

While monday.com offers a range of pricing plans, the cost for larger teams can be significant. As the number of users and the complexity of projects increase, the cost of the platform can become a limiting factor for some organizations. Teams should carefully evaluate their budget and consider the long-term scalability of the platform.

Ograničena mogućnost prilagodbe

While monday.com offers customization options, the level of customization may not be as extensive as other platforms. Some teams with complex workflows or specific requirements may find that monday.com’s customization capabilities fall short. It’s essential for teams to assess their specific needs and evaluate whether the platform can adequately accommodate them.

Uspoređivanje značajki, cijena i ostalih aspekata između Smartsheeta i monday.com

Koje odabrati

Specifične potrebe tima

The choice between Smartsheet and monday.com ultimately depends on the specific needs of the team. Teams should evaluate their project management requirements, collaboration needs, and any specific workflows or functionalities they require. It’s important to consider factors such as the size of the team, the complexity of projects, and the level of customization needed.

Iskustvo sa Excelom ili Google Sheets

Teams that are already familiar with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets may find Smartsheet to be a more seamless transition. Smartsheet’s integration with these spreadsheet tools allows users to leverage their existing knowledge and work with familiar interfaces. On the other hand, teams that prefer a more visual and intuitive interface may find monday.com to be a better fit.

Prilagođeni radni tokovi

If custom workflows and process automation are crucial requirements, monday.com may be the better choice. The platform’s flexibility in creating custom workflows allows teams to adapt the platform to their existing processes and optimize their workflows. Smartsheet also offers customization options but may not have the same level of workflow customization.

Suradnja ili napredne značajke

If collaboration and real-time communication are top priorities, monday.com’s user-friendly interface and collaboration features may be the deciding factor. On the other hand, if advanced reporting, security, and data analysis are essential, Smartsheet’s robust reporting capabilities and security features may be the preferred choice.


Budget considerations are also important when choosing between Smartsheet and monday.com. Teams should carefully evaluate the pricing plans of each platform and consider the long-term costs associated with their chosen solution. It’s important to strike a balance between cost and functionality to ensure that the chosen platform meets the team’s needs without exceeding the budget.

U konačnici, Smartsheet i monday.com su oba snažna alata za upravljanje projektima i timsku suradnju. Konačan izbor ovisi o specifičnim potrebama tima, proračunu i preferencijama korisnika.

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