Uporedite iPhone 15 i iPhone 16: 15+ glasina o nadogradnjama Nakon više od godinu dana izvještaja, sada postoji više od jedne desetine konkretnih glasina o funkcijama i poboljšanjima koje će biti ponuđene na dva ne-Pro modela iPhone 16 kasnije u 2024. Sve promjene koje se očekuju u iPhone 16 modelima u odnosu na njihove prethodnike su navedene u nastavku, koristeći informacije iz različitih pouzdanih izvora o kojima smo se već ranije raspisali. Ažurirat ćemo ovaj članak kako se budu pojavljivale nove glasine u narednim mjesecima.

Uporedite iPhone 15 i iPhone 16: 15+ glasina o nadogradnjama


The iPhone 16 models are expected to maintain a similar design to their predecessors, with no significant changes in dimensions. However, there are a few notable design updates that are rumored for the new models. One of the most noticeable changes is the introduction of a vertical rear camera arrangement. This new arrangement is said to enable spatial video capture, providing users with enhanced capabilities for capturing immersive videos. Additionally, the mute switch, which was featured in previous models, will be removed and replaced with an Action button, similar to the one introduced in last year’s Pro models. Another significant change in the design of the iPhone 16 models is the introduction of a new „Capture“ button. This button is expected to improve the overall photography and videography experience by allowing users to easily trigger the camera functions. Overall, these design updates are aimed at enhancing the user experience and providing users with more advanced features for capturing and recording content.

Chip, Memory, and Connectivity

The iPhone 16 models are rumored to come with significant improvements in terms of performance, memory, and connectivity. These improvements are expected to be powered by an all-new A18 chip, manufactured using TSMC’s „N3E“ enhanced 3nm process. The A18 chip is expected to provide a boost in processing power, thanks to its more powerful Neural Engine. This Neural Engine is rumored to have „significantly“ more cores, enabling it to support new AI features exclusive to the iPhone 16 models. Along with the improved chip, the iPhone 16 models are expected to come with 33% more memory compared to their predecessors. This increase in memory will allow for smoother multitasking and more efficient performance. Additionally, the iPhone 16 models are rumored to support Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, providing faster and more reliable wireless connections. This enhancement in connectivity will enable users to take advantage of the latest Wi-Fi technology and enjoy faster internet speeds and improved network performance.

Uporedite iPhone 15 i iPhone 16: 15+ glasina o nadogradnjama

Batteries and Charging

Battery technology and charging capabilities are also expected to receive significant upgrades in the iPhone 16 models. The new models are rumored to feature denser batteries, thanks to the adoption of stacked battery technology. This technology allows for increased energy density and a longer lifespan of the batteries, ensuring that users can enjoy extended usage times without compromising on performance. While the iPhone 16 Plus is rumored to have a smaller battery compared to its predecessor, the overall battery life is not expected to be significantly affected. In terms of charging capabilities, the iPhone 16 models are expected to offer faster charging. The wired charging speed is rumored to increase from the previous 27W to up to 40W, resulting in a 48% faster charging time. Similarly, the charging speed via MagSafe is expected to increase from 15W to 20W, providing users with a 25% faster charging experience. These improvements in batteries and charging capabilities aim to enhance the overall user experience by ensuring longer battery life and reduced charging times.

Other Features and Changes

In addition to the aforementioned updates, the iPhone 16 models are expected to introduce several other features and changes. The camera system is rumored to receive enhancements, including more efficient OLED displays with brighter micro-lens technology. These improvements will result in better color accuracy, sharper images, and improved viewing angles. Furthermore, the iPhone 16 models are expected to support spatial video capture, allowing users to create immersive videos with enhanced depth perception. Additionally, the models are rumored to include exclusive AI features facilitated by the more powerful Neural Engine. These features will be supported by the upcoming iOS 18, which is expected to introduce new AI capabilities across various Apple devices. Another notable update is the upgraded microphone, which is said to have an improved signal-to-noise ratio and water resistance. This upgrade aims to enhance the audio quality and support the new AI features. Overall, these features and changes will provide users with an enhanced multimedia experience and improved performance.

Uporedite iPhone 15 i iPhone 16: 15+ glasina o nadogradnjama

Release Date

The iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus are expected to be launched in the fall, following Apple’s usual product release timeline. Apple typically hosts an event in September to unveil its new iPhone models, with the products becoming available for purchase approximately a week later. This timeline allows Apple enthusiasts to get their hands on the latest iPhone models before the holiday season and ensures that the devices are released in time to take advantage of the latest technologies and features. As with any release, it is important to keep an eye on Apple’s official announcements for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the iPhone 16 release date.

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