iOS 17.2 beta je novo ažuriranje operativnog sistema iOS 17, koje je u fazi testiranja od strane Applea. Očekuje se da će javno lansiranje biti u decembru, tako da će biti još nekoliko beta verzija pre nego što softver bude dostupan. Članak sadrži sve nove funkcije koje su dostupne u iOS 17.2 beta verziji, uključujući Journal aplikaciju, funkcionalnosti Messages aplikacije, podršku za prostorni video zapis, kolaborativne plejliste u Apple Music, i mnoge druge. Ovaj članak će biti ažuriran tokom celog perioda testiranja beta verzije kako bi se pružili najnoviji detalji.

Sve nove funkcije iOS 17.2 beta verzije dosad

Journal App

iOS 17.2 introduces the Journal app, which was announced as part of iOS 17. With the Journal app, users can record their daily activities and thoughts, with optional prompts provided by Apple for inspiration.

To add a Journal entry, simply tap on the „+“ button in the Journal app. From there, you can choose a suggestion as the basis for your writing or opt for a completely new entry. Entries are automatically tagged with a date for easy organization, and there are options for bookmarking as well. The Journal app also allows users to include images, voice recordings, and location tags in their entries.

Messages App Sticker Reactions

In iOS 17.2, users can now add sticker reactions to messages in the Messages app. Simply long press on any chat bubble and select „Add Sticker“ to choose a sticker or emoji to apply as a response. This provides a quick and expressive way to react to incoming messages without using tapback reactions.

Sve nove funkcije iOS 17.2 beta verzije dosad

Spatial Video Recording

With iOS 17.2, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max can now record spatial video that is viewable in the Photos app on the Vision Pro headset. To enable spatial video recording, go to the Settings app, tap into the Camera section, select Formats, and toggle on „Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro.“ It is recommended to hold the iPhone stable in landscape orientation while capturing video for the best results. Spatial videos are recorded at 30 frames per second at 1080p, and one minute of video takes up 130MB of storage space. To view the videos in 3D, the Vision Pro headset is required.

Collaborative Apple Music Playlists

iOS 17.2 introduces the ability to create collaborative playlists in Apple Music. In a playlist that you have created, tap on the three-dot icon in the top right of the app. From there, select the Collaborate option and choose „Start Collaboration.“ This will generate a link to the playlist that can be shared with others. Anyone with the link can add songs to the playlist, and there is also an option to invite people to join via QR code. Additionally, you have the ability to approve each person that asks to join the collaborative playlist.

Sve nove funkcije iOS 17.2 beta verzije dosad

Favorites Apple Music Playlist

In iOS 17.2, songs that you have favorited in the Apple Music app are now aggregated into a Favorites playlist. This makes it easier to access and listen to your favorite songs in one place.

Apple Music Listening History Focus Filter

To allow someone else to use your device to listen to music without affecting your recommendations, iOS 17.2 includes a Focus Filter for Apple Music Listening History. Activating this filter turns off the Listening History, preventing their song choices from influencing your personalized recommendations.

Sve nove funkcije iOS 17.2 beta verzije dosad

Action Button Translate

Users of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max can now choose a Translate option for the Action button. When the Action button is set as Translate, pressing and holding it brings up a Translate window that listens for spoken text. It can then translate between languages that have been previously set up in the Translate app.

iMessage Contact Key Verification

Introduced in iOS 17.2, iMessage Contact Key Verification is designed for individuals facing extraordinary digital threats, such as journalists, human rights activists, and government officials. This feature allows users to ensure that there is no unauthorized access or man-in-the-middle snooping on their iMessage conversations. It provides a Contact Verification Code that can be used to verify the identity of the person you are communicating with during in-person meetings or FaceTime calls.

Sve nove funkcije iOS 17.2 beta verzije dosad

Messages in iCloud Syncing

The „Messages“ section in iCloud settings has been renamed to „Messages in iCloud“ in iOS 17.2. It displays the total amount of storage used by messages, the number of messages synced to iCloud, and the time of the last sync. There is also an option to manually sync messages. Additionally, it is expected that this update will enable additional settings to sync through Messages in iCloud, such as Text Message Forwarding, Send & Receive accounts, and SMS filters across devices.

More iOS 17.2 Beta Features

In addition to the aforementioned features, iOS 17.2 beta includes several other new features and enhancements. These include updates to the Apple TV app, emergency alerts local awareness, new weather widgets for the Weather app, a digital clock widget, rainbow-colored text for Contact Posters, a „Fast Fade“ option for the page-turning animation in the Books app, AirPlay receiver support for the upcoming Apple Vision Pro headset, new customization options for Memoji, Live Activities in the News app, expanded sensitive content warnings, improved App Store category navigation, a more visible AppleCare+ coverage menu, Siri improvements, and more.

These features and enhancements are still in the beta testing phase and may be subject to further changes and refinements before the public release of iOS 17.2. Apple is continually working to improve and enhance its operating system, and these updates provide users with new and exciting functionalities to explore and enjoy.

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