Recenzija Pixel Tableta: Da li ga trebate nabaviti za prazničnu rasprodaju?

Pixel tablet je službeno predstavljen na tržištu, a s nadolazećom prazničnom rasprodajom, želio bih vam pružiti ažuriranje o tome kako se Pixel tablet kotira i razgovarati o promjenama koje je Google napravio proteklih mjeseci. Znam da je sada sezona kupovine i da mnogi razmišljaju o kupnji ovog tableta kao poklona za sebe ili člana obitelji, stoga je važno razgovarati o tome kako se tablet razvijao tijekom vremena i što možete očekivati. Najprije ćemo razgovarati o ažuriranjima. Nakon izlaska tableta, Google je izdao mnoga manja ažuriranja u lipnju, srpnju, kolovozu i rujnu, koja su uglavnom bila usmjerena na sigurnost i stabilnost. No, najvažnije ažuriranje stiglo je u listopadu s nadogradnjom na Android 14, koja je donijela neke stvarne promjene u funkcionalnost, poput tematskog crno-bijelog dizajna i poboljšane pristupačnosti. Međutim, značajke prilagodbe zaključanog zaslona, poput prilagođenih satova i prečaca na zaključanom zaslonu, na žalost, nisu dostupne na Pixel tabletu. Sve u svemu, iskustvo korištenja softvera nije se značajno promijenilo tijekom proteklih 5 mjeseci, uglavnom su pružene popravke stabilnosti i manje karakteristike. Ako vam je važno dobivati redovita ažuriranja, očekujte sljedeće korisno ažuriranje u prosincu koje će omogućiti prikaz aplikacija preko cijelog zaslona. Ovo je bila česta zamjerka korisnika od izlaska tableta, pa će ta funkcija biti dobrodošla. Nakon što smo razgovarali o najvažnijim ažuriranjima proteklih 5 mjeseci, želim vam pružiti svoju perspektivu o tome kako se ovaj tablet prirodno uklopio u moj život.

Recenzija Pixel Tableta: Da li ga trebate nabaviti za prazničnu rasprodaju?

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Pixel Tablet Overview


The Pixel Tablet has gained popularity since its release and has become a consideration for many during the holiday sales. This article will provide an overview of the tablet’s updates, software experience, specifications, upcoming updates, bundled-in dock, future expectations, and ultimately help you decide if the Pixel Tablet is worth purchasing.

Pixel Tablet Updates

Since its launch, Google has released several software updates for the Pixel Tablet. These updates mainly focused on security and stability, with the most significant update being the full OS upgrade to Android 14 in October. While this update brought some notable features, such as monochrome theming and updated accessibility changes, it did not include the much-anticipated lock screen customization options. Nevertheless, Google is expected to release another meaningful update in December, which will address the long-standing issue of forcing apps into full-screen mode.

Software Experience

The software experience on the Pixel Tablet has remained relatively unchanged over the past five months. While there have been stability fixes and minor features added, the overall user experience has not significantly evolved. However, if you value regular updates, it is worth noting that the Pixel Tablet is expected to receive ongoing software support from Google.

Upcoming Updates

The upcoming December update is highly anticipated, as it will introduce the ability to force apps into full-screen mode. This feature has been a major pain point for Pixel Tablet users since its release. The update may also bring other new features, although nothing has been officially announced yet. Additionally, there have been rumors of the Pixel Tablet receiving Nest Hub features such as Look and Talk, as well as quick gestures.

Bundled-in Dock

Features of the Dock

One of the standout features of the Pixel Tablet is its bundled-in dock. The dock serves as a dedicated place to hold the tablet while providing additional functionality. It doubles as a smart display that can play weather-related screen savers or display Google photo libraries. Moreover, it functions as a secondary speaker, enhancing the audio experience. The dock also allows you to cast music, YouTube videos, or podcasts, making it a useful tool for background entertainment during work or leisure time.

Pros and Cons

While the dock offers several appealing features, it does have its limitations. The speakers on the dock are passable for casual listeners, but those seeking richer audio quality may prefer external speakers. It is also important to note that the dock cannot be used independently from the tablet, so using the tablet in one room while playing music through the dock in another room is not possible. Despite these drawbacks, the dock adds convenience and usability to the Pixel Tablet, making it an excellent office companion or entertainment hub.

Pixel Tablet Specifications

Display Quality

The Pixel Tablet features an 11-inch 2560 x 1600 LCD display with a 60Hz refresh rate. While the display quality is decent for casual usage, the 60Hz refresh rate may be a drawback for those seeking a more immersive leisure device experience. However, the display performs exceptionally well as an external monitor for filming videos or as a notepad for referencing information during work.

RAM and Processor Performance

Equipped with 8GB of RAM and the Tensor G2 chip, the Pixel Tablet offers great performance for casual gaming, web browsing, and streaming. However, it is important to note that the tablet is not designed for running demanding games. Its main strengths lie in its efficiency as a companion device, a quick screen for Google search inquiries, or a remote for controlling various devices.

Different Uses of the Tablet

The Pixel Tablet can serve various purposes depending on individual requirements. It can be used as a productivity tool, an entertainment hub for listening to music, watching videos, and viewing photos. Additionally, it can function as a secondary display, a notepad for sketching or annotations, or even as a remote control for connected devices such as Android TVs, projectors, and smart home systems.

Future Expectations

December Update

The forthcoming December update is highly anticipated as it will address the persistent issue of forcing apps into full-screen mode. This feature has been a significant pain point for Pixel Tablet users, and its implementation will greatly enhance the tablet’s usability. Alongside this critical update, there may also be other new features introduced, although official announcements have not been made yet.

Possible New Features

Rumors suggest that the Pixel Tablet may receive Nest Hub features such as Look and Talk, allowing users to interact with their surroundings through the tablet. Quick gestures may also be implemented, enabling users to navigate the device more efficiently. While these features are not confirmed, they present exciting possibilities for the future of the Pixel Tablet.

Remaining Lifespan

Google provides two years of operating system updates and an additional two years of security updates for the Pixel Tablet. This means that users can expect ongoing support from Google for approximately four years from the tablet’s release. This lifespan ensures that the tablet remains up to date with the latest security patches and system enhancements, providing users with a reliable device for an extended period.

Recenzija Pixel Tableta: Da li ga trebate nabaviti za prazničnu rasprodaju?

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Should You Purchase the Pixel Tablet?

Price Comparison

Considering the holiday sales and discounts offered by various retailers, it is essential to compare the Pixel Tablet’s price with its competitors. The average price for the Pixel Tablet hovers around $350, making it an affordable option. However, it is important to keep in mind that tablets in the same price range may offer similar specifications and features.

Value for Money

To determine the value for money, it is crucial to assess individual usage requirements. The bundled-in dock, along with its various functionalities, is a significant selling point for the Pixel Tablet. If you foresee using the dock as a smart display, additional speaker, and a convenient charging station, it adds considerable value to the tablet. Additionally, those interested in having a consumption device with Nest Hub capabilities will find the Pixel Tablet appealing. However, if the emphasis is on demanding gaming or requiring a higher refresh rate display, other tablets in the same price range may be better suited.

Usage Requirements

Understanding your specific needs and usage requirements is key to determining whether the Pixel Tablet is the right choice. If you are primarily seeking a tablet for casual usage, such as browsing the internet, streaming videos, or managing productivity tasks, the Pixel Tablet is more than capable of fulfilling those needs. However, if you require a tablet for more intensive tasks or demanding gaming, it may be worth exploring other options.


The Pixel Tablet offers a range of features and functionalities that cater to various usage requirements. With its regular software updates and the upcoming December update addressing crucial user concerns, the tablet continues to evolve and improve. The bundled-in dock adds convenience and versatility to the device, making it an excellent companion for work and entertainment. Ultimately, the decision to purchase the Pixel Tablet depends on individual preferences, budget, and usage requirements. Considering the tablet’s price, value for money, and intended usage, users can make an informed decision during the holiday sales.

Recenzija Pixel Tableta: Da li ga trebate nabaviti za prazničnu rasprodaju?

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