Google je upravo objavio Developer Preview za Android 15 i ovdje na 95 Google smo ga instalirali na svoje uređaje i upoznali se s promjenama. Osobno sam ga instalirao na svoj Pixel 8 Pro prije otprilike 24 sata, a u ovom videu ćemo pokriti sve što je novo u trenutačnoj verziji. Dok dijelimo neke detalje o onome što možete očekivati ​​dok se krećemo prema stabilnom izdanju, želimo proslaviti početak naše pokrivenosti Androida 15 dijeleći nekoliko prilagođenih pozadina izrađenih od naših timskih kolega ovdje u 9 to 5. Imamo dvije pozadine koje želimo pokloniti, jednu s minimalnim dizajnom s novim logotipom Androida 15, dok druga ima Android maskotu koja istražuje svemir. Da bismo se držali teme koju vidimo u novoj verziji, logotip Androida 15 nalazi se u prikačenom komentaru u opisu, dok Android maskotu možete dobiti samo ako ovaj video ima 2000 lajkova.

Android 15 Developer Preview

Introduction to Android 15 Developer Preview

Google has recently released the developer preview for Android 15, and in this article, we will explore the new features and changes that come with it. It’s important to note that this preview is primarily intended for app developers to test and provide feedback before the official release. However, Android enthusiasts may also choose to download it to check it out. Just be cautious, as there have been reports of devices getting bricked during the installation process. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Android 15 will only support Pixel 6 and newer devices, so older models like Pixel 4a, 5, and 5a will not receive major OS upgrades.

Purpose of Developer Preview

The purpose of the Android 15 Developer Preview is to enable app developers to test their applications and ensure compatibility with the upcoming Android release. By providing developers with early access to the new APIs and features, Google can gather feedback and make necessary adjustments before the stable release. This helps ensure a smoother transition and better overall user experience when Android 15 is officially rolled out.

Kako instalirati Android 15 Developer Preview na Google Pixel telefonu

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Caution for Non-Developers

Although Android enthusiasts may be tempted to install the Android 15 Developer Preview to explore the new features, it is important to exercise caution. This preview version is primarily intended for developers and may contain bugs or issues that could potentially brick your device. If you are not an app developer, it is recommended to wait for the official public beta or stable release to ensure a safer and more stable experience.

Phone Compatibility

As mentioned earlier, Android 15 will only be supported on Pixel 6 and newer devices. If you own a Pixel 4a, 5, or 5a, unfortunately, you will not receive any major OS upgrades beyond Android 14 QPR 3. It’s worth considering this compatibility limitation before deciding to upgrade to Android 15 Developer Preview.

Kako instalirati Android 15 Developer Preview na Google Pixel telefonu

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High-level Foundational Changes

One of the key updates in Android 15 is the inclusion of the latest version of the Privacy Security Sandbox. This feature was first introduced in Android 13 and aims to overhaul the way apps deliver advertisements to users. By relying less on third-party data collection, the Privacy Security Sandbox utilizes APIs to share users’ broader interests without storing specific browsing history. This update prioritizes user privacy while still allowing advertising companies to target users based on their interests.

Another foundational change introduced in Android 15 is the inclusion of the latest version of Health Connect. Initially introduced in Android 14, Health Connect unifies data from various fitness apps, such as Whoop, MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, and Samsung Health. The new version includes additional fitness and nutrition metrics, providing users with a comprehensive overview of their health data.

Privacy and Security Sandbox

In Android 15, the Privacy Security Sandbox takes privacy and security to a new level. By limiting third-party data collection and focusing on APIs, apps can share user interests without compromising individual browsing history. This allows for more personalized advertising experiences without sacrificing privacy. With the latest update to the Privacy Security Sandbox, Android 15 ensures that user privacy remains a top priority.

Kako instalirati Android 15 Developer Preview na Google Pixel telefonu

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Health Connect

Health Connect, introduced in Android 14 and further enhanced in Android 15, aims to bring together data from various fitness apps into a unified platform. Whether you use Whoop, MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, or Samsung Health, Health Connect allows you to access all your health data in one place. The latest version of Health Connect includes a new suite of fitness and nutrition metrics, giving users a more holistic view of their health and well-being.

Screen Recording as a Default Feature

Screen recording has become an essential feature for many users, and Android 15 now includes it as a default feature. While screen recording was previously available in beta versions of Android, it will now be shipped with Android 15 out of the box. This makes it easier for users to capture and share their screen activities without the need for third-party apps or additional installations.

Kako instalirati Android 15 Developer Preview na Google Pixel telefonu

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Improvements in Camera Hardware and Algorithms

Android 15 brings improvements in camera hardware and algorithms, specifically addressing the issue of photos taken on Android devices appearing inferior compared to those taken on iOS devices. The new version of Android allows for more direct interaction between third-party apps and camera hardware, ensuring better image quality and consistency across different platforms. This enhancement should lead to more visually stunning photos on Android devices.

Performance Framework Updates

In Android 15, Google is offering an update to the existing performance framework, allowing games and other performance-intensive apps to interact more directly with the power and thermal systems of Android devices. This includes a new power efficiency mode, the ability to adjust CPU and GPU frequencies together, and thermal headroom thresholds. These updates aim to minimize thermal throttling and provide a smoother and more optimized experience for performance-intensive applications.

UI/Feature Updates

Android 15 introduces several UI and feature updates to enhance user experience and customization options.

Notification Cooldown Feature

One notable feature is the notification cooldown, which gradually lowers the volume of alert sounds when receiving back-to-back notifications. This feature is enabled by default and helps reduce the volume of alert sounds during hectic conversations or group chats. After a minute of no notifications, the volume returns to normal. Users can choose from three settings: „All notifications,“ „Conversation only,“ or „Turn off“ the feature entirely.

Haptic Feedback for Brightness Slider

Android 15 introduces haptic feedback when using the brightness slider from the Quick Settings menu. When adjusting the brightness, users will now feel a subtle vibration, adding an extra layer of feedback and enhancing the overall user experience.

Disable Keyboard Vibration

Similar to a feature in Gboard, Android 15 includes the option to disable keyboard vibration. This allows users to customize their typing experience based on personal preferences.

Show HDR SDR Ratio Developer Option

Developers now have the ability to enable the „Show HDR SDR Ratio“ developer option. When this option is turned on, users will see a ratio value in the top right corner of the screen when accessing HDR content. This feature helps developers ensure that their apps display HDR content correctly and provides valuable feedback on the device’s HDR capabilities.

Android 15 Representation Throughout the OS

Android 15 introduces subtle representations of the new version throughout the operating system. For example, the vanilla ice cream code name is visible in the notification shade, and the Android 15 logo is present within the Easter egg, paying homage to a canceled NASA project called the Aries Program.

Timeline and Upcoming Releases

Google has provided a timeline for the upcoming releases of Android 15:

Next Developer Preview in March

The next developer preview for Android 15 is scheduled to be released sometime in March. This preview will likely include further refinements and improvements based on developer feedback from the initial release.

Betas between April and July

Following the developer preview, Google plans to release a series of betas between April and July. These betas will allow users to experience Android 15 and provide feedback to help Google make necessary adjustments and improvements.

Final Release in October (possibly)

While the exact release date for Android 15’s stable version is not determined, Google aims to release it sometime in October. This timeline aligns with the release of new Pixel devices, which often coincide with major Android updates. However, the final release could potentially happen at any time during the fall season.

Recommended Upgrade from Android 14 QPR 3

If you are currently on Android 14 QPR 3, Google recommends upgrading to Android 15. By doing so, you will ensure that your device is up to date and avoid potential issues when upgrading from an earlier version. However, considering that Android 15 is still in the developer preview stage, it is advisable to wait for the official public beta or stable release for a more reliable and stable experience.

Installing Android 15 Developer Preview

If you are an app developer and would like to install the Android 15 Developer Preview, you can find a link in the description. However, it is important to reiterate the caution for non-developers. Unless you have a specific need for testing apps or providing feedback, it is advisable to avoid installing the developer preview. As mentioned earlier, this preview version can potentially brick your device and may not offer significant new features for general users.

Feedback on Android 15 Developer Preview

The current build of the Android 15 Developer Preview may be lacking in terms of new features. However, considering its status as a preview version, this is to be expected. App developers and users alike have high expectations for future updates, and it’s important to remember that this preview serves as an initial glimpse into what Android 15 has to offer. Dave Burke, the Vice President of Engineering for Android, has hinted at more surprises to come, indicating that there will be significant enhancements and additions in future builds.


Before considering installing the Android 15 Developer Preview, it’s essential to carefully evaluate the purpose and potential benefits of doing so. For non-developers, it is generally recommended to wait for the official public beta or stable release to ensure a smoother and safer experience. However, if you are an app developer looking to test your applications and provide feedback, the Android 15 Developer Preview can be a valuable tool.

As we await the official release of Android 15, it is important to keep providing feedback and sharing expectations for future updates. The Android ecosystem thrives on user feedback and engagement, and this helps shape the direction and improvements of the platform. Android 15 brings promising features and changes, and it will be interesting to see how it evolves and enhances the Android experience for both developers and users.

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