Appleov operativni sustav sljedeće generacije za iPhone i iPad dolazi 2024. godine. iOS 18 će predstavljati značajno ažuriranje s dodatkom generativne umjetne inteligencije, poboljšanjima Siri i više. Očekuje se da će Apple pružiti poboljšanja umjetne inteligencije i strojnog učenja za mnoge aplikacije i funkcionalnosti, a postoje i glasine o mogućim „revolucionarnim“ novim značajkama i dizajnu. Također se planira implementacija Rich Communication Services (RCS) standarda za bolje slanje poruka s Android korisnicima. Datum lansiranja iOS 18 očekuje se u rujnu 2024. godine zajedno s novim iPhone modelima.

iOS 18: Sve što znamo | MacRumors

Rumored Features

AI improvements

In iOS 18, Apple is expected to focus heavily on AI improvements, capitalizing on the growing consumer interest in generative artificial intelligence products. With AI and machine learning updates, users can expect enhancements in various apps and features. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has described iOS 18 as a „relatively groundbreaking“ software update with „major new features and designs.“ Although specific details are scarce, Apple executives have deemed iOS 18 as „ambitious and compelling.“

New Messages features

Apple is rumored to introduce new features in the Messages app as part of the iOS 18 update. One specific improvement being developed is an enhanced interaction between Siri and the Messages app. This enhancement would enable Siri to auto-complete sentences more effectively and provide answers to complex questions. These updates aim to streamline the messaging experience for users.

Siri updates

Siri, the virtual assistant on iOS devices, will also receive updates in iOS 18. Apple plans to revamp Siri using large-language models (LLMs) to create the „ultimate virtual assistant.“ LLMs use algorithms and vast amounts of data to generate content, making them the driving force behind chatbots like ChatGPT. With the integration of LLMs, Siri is expected to become more versatile and capable of handling complex tasks. Furthermore, Siri will gain deeper integration with the Shortcuts app, allowing users to automate various tasks seamlessly.

RCS support

Apple is set to adopt the Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard in iOS 18. RCS will serve as an alternative to SMS/MMS and enhance texting capabilities between iPhone and Android users. With RCS, iPhone users can expect features like cross-platform emoji reactions, read receipts, real-time typing indicators, support for higher resolution photos and videos, larger file sizes, file sharing, and audio messages. RCS aims to improve the overall messaging experience for iPhone users when communicating with Android users.

Generative AI Features

Apple’s catch up with AI technology

Apple is making significant efforts to catch up with companies that have already established a robust foothold in the AI space, such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and OpenAI. To accelerate this process, Apple has been investing over $1 billion annually in AI research and the necessary hardware for running large language models. With iOS 18, users can expect Apple to incorporate generative AI technology into various built-in apps and features.

AI improvements in built-in apps

iOS 18 will bring AI-driven improvements to many of Apple’s built-in apps. For instance, Apple Music may offer auto-generated playlists, while apps like Pages and Keynote could provide AI-assisted writing and slide deck creation. These AI enhancements aim to enhance user productivity and provide personalized experiences across Apple’s ecosystem.

Limitations of generative AI features

While Apple is keen to introduce generative AI features, some of these cutting-edge capabilities may only be available on the iPhone 16 models due to their more powerful chips. To ensure optimal performance and functionality, Apple is evaluating whether to limit generative AI features to on-device processing or deploy them via the cloud. Prioritizing security, Apple may adopt a hybrid approach with some functionality in the cloud and more sensitive data processed solely on-device.

On-device vs cloud deployment

The decision between on-device and cloud deployment of generative AI features has implications for both security and performance. On-device processing provides a more secure environment, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive information. However, on-device processing may put a strain on device resources and limit the scale and complexity of AI features. Alternatively, cloud deployment can leverage more robust computational resources but introduces potential security concerns. Apple aims to strike a balance between security and performance when implementing generative AI features in iOS 18.


Integration with AI improvements

Siri will benefit from the AI improvements planned for iOS 18. By integrating AI technology, Siri’s capabilities will expand, making it a more powerful virtual assistant. Users can expect enhanced voice recognition, improved natural language understanding, and advanced contextual awareness. These enhancements will enable Siri to provide more accurate and personalized responses to user queries and commands.

Revamp with large-language models

To revamp Siri, Apple plans to leverage large-language models (LLMs). These models are designed to process vast amounts of data and generate responses based on that information. By incorporating LLMs, Siri will become smarter and more versatile, understanding user intent and providing more nuanced and contextually relevant answers. This revamp aims to elevate Siri to new heights and position it as the ultimate virtual assistant in the iOS 18 ecosystem.

Improved interaction with Messages app

One specific improvement being developed for Siri is its interaction with the Messages app. In iOS 18, Siri will be able to seamlessly auto-complete sentences and answer complex questions within the Messages app. This enhanced integration streamlines messaging interactions, allowing users to compose messages more efficiently and effortlessly.

Deeper integration with Shortcuts app

iOS 18 will forge a deeper integration between Siri and the Shortcuts app. Users will have the ability to automate complex tasks using Siri commands. For instance, Siri could execute a series of actions, such as capturing and editing photos, creating a GIF, and sending it to a recipient, all with a single voice command. This integration empowers users to streamline their workflows and accomplish tasks more efficiently.

RCS for Better Texting With Android Users

Adoption of RCS standard

In iOS 18, Apple aims to adopt the Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard. While iMessage will continue to be the go-to messaging platform for iPhone to iPhone conversations, RCS will significantly enhance texting capabilities between iPhone and Android users. RCS standardizes features like cross-platform emoji reactions, read receipts, and real-time typing indicators, resulting in a more cohesive messaging experience across different platforms.

Enhanced features for iPhone to Android conversations

By implementing RCS in iOS 18, Apple intends to enhance the messaging experience when communicating with Android users. Sending photos and videos from an iPhone to an Android device will no longer result in errors, and group chats will have improved performance. Additionally, iPhone users will enjoy features like higher resolution photos and videos, support for larger file sizes and file sharing, audio messages, and the ability to send messages over cellular or Wi-Fi. RCS support is expected to enhance the overall messaging experience on iOS devices.

iOS 18: Sve što znamo | MacRumors

Sideloading Support

Possible implementation in Europe

There have been rumors surrounding Apple’s potential implementation of sideloading in Europe. This speculation arises from regulations imposed by the European Union (EU) that prioritize fair competition and consumer choice. While sideloading was not introduced in iOS 17, it could potentially be implemented in iOS 18 or a future update during the iOS 17 cycle.

Installation of apps outside of App Store

Sideloading refers to the ability to install apps outside of the official App Store. If Apple were to implement sideloading in Europe, iPhone users in the EU would gain the flexibility to install apps from alternate app stores or directly from third-party sources. Sideloading grants users greater freedom in choosing and accessing applications that may not be available on the App Store.

Limited to European Union

Should Apple proceed with sideloading support, it would likely be limited to the European Union, where regulatory requirements exist. As a result, users in the EU would have access to a broader range of apps outside of the traditional App Store ecosystem, providing them with more options and potentially fostering greater competition in the app market.

App developers’ fees and payment options

Despite the potential implementation of sideloading, app developers would still be required to pay fees to Apple for various services and support. However, sideloading would enable developers to offer apps that do not require payments through Apple’s established system. This change would provide developers with more flexibility in terms of monetization models and payment options.

iOS 18 Launch Date

Preview at Worldwide Developers Conference

iOS 18 will be previewed at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) scheduled for June 2024. During this event, Apple will showcase the upcoming features and improvements in iOS 18 to developers and the general public.

Testing period for developers and public beta

Following the WWDC preview, Apple will provide developers with access to iOS 18 for testing purposes. This testing phase allows developers to optimize their apps and ensure compatibility with the new operating system. Additionally, Apple is likely to release a public beta version of iOS 18, allowing eager users to experience the new features and provide feedback to Apple.

Scheduled launch in September 2024

After the testing period, iOS 18 is expected to launch in September 2024 alongside the release of new iPhones. This timeline aligns with Apple’s tradition of introducing major software updates alongside its new hardware offerings. Users can anticipate an immersive and feature-rich iOS experience with the arrival of iOS 18.

iOS 18: Sve što znamo | MacRumors

iOS 18 Timeline

Rumors and known features so far

Leading up to its release, iOS 18 has generated significant rumors and speculation. While specific details about its features are limited, reports suggest that iOS 18 will bring groundbreaking updates and designs. Apple’s focus on generative AI and pervasive improvements across built-in apps implies a comprehensive and ambitious update that could reshape the iOS ecosystem.

Ambitious and compelling iOS update

According to Apple executives, iOS 18 will be an ambitious and compelling software update. Apple aims to captivate users with new features, designs, and enhanced AI capabilities. By pushing the boundaries of what iOS can offer, Apple seeks to deliver a transformative and captivating experience for iPhone and iPad users.

Exclusive AI features for iPhone 16

Apple intends to leverage the powerful chips in the iPhone 16 models to offer exclusive AI features. These cutting-edge capabilities may be limited to on-device processing, taking advantage of the advanced computational capabilities of the iPhone 16. Users of the latest iPhone models can expect a personalized and AI-driven experience that maximizes the potential of Apple’s hardware.

Pause in feature development for bug cleanup

While Apple focuses on introducing new features in iOS 18, the company also emphasizes the importance of ensuring a quality user experience. In November, Apple temporarily halted work on new features in iOS 18 to dedicate a week to addressing bugs and improving stability. This proactive bug cleanup approach demonstrates Apple’s commitment to providing a smooth and reliable operating system.


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iOS 18: Sve što znamo | MacRumors

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iOS 18: Sve što znamo | MacRumors

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