Odluka Google-a da ukloni određene aplikacije iz Play Store-a u Indiji izaziva kontroverze. Ministar informacijske tehnologije Ashwini Vaishnaw smatra da ovo uklanjanje aplikacija nije prihvatljivo i da te kompanije treba zaštititi. Google je u petak uklonio nekoliko indijskih aplikacija, uključujući popularnu aplikaciju za upoznavanje Bharat Matrimony i aplikaciju za traženje poslova Naukri, tvrdeći da ove kompanije nisu poštovale smernice za plaćanje unutar aplikacija. Ministar je najavio da će održati sastanke sa Google-om i indijskim startapima kako bi se rešio ovaj spor oko plaćanja usluga.

Googles uklanjanje aplikacija s Play Storea ne može biti dozvoljeno: Ministar informacijske tehnologije

Google’s Removal of Apps from Play Store

Reason for removal

Google’s decision to remove certain apps from its Play Store in India has stirred controversy and sparked discussions among stakeholders. The primary reason for the removal is the dispute over service fee payments between Google and the affected companies. The tech giant claims that these companies have not adhered to its in-app payment guidelines, leading to the removal of their apps from the Play Store.

Dispute over service fee payments

The removal of apps from the Play Store stems from an ongoing disagreement between Google and Indian startups regarding in-app payment fees. Google imposes a fee of 11 percent to 26 percent on in-app payments made through its platform. However, some Indian startups have been pushing back against this fee and have sought to challenge Google’s practices.

Talks with Google and startups

To address the issues surrounding the removal of apps, Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has held discussions with Google and expressed his concerns. He has also expressed the need to protect the interests of startups in India and find a resolution that benefits all parties involved. The talks between the government, Google, and the startups are ongoing, as they strive to find a mutually beneficial solution.

Minister’s Statement

Response to removal

Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has strongly criticized Google’s decision to remove the apps from the Play Store. In his statement, he stated that such de-listings „cannot be permitted.“ The minister’s response clearly indicates his dissatisfaction with Google’s actions and suggests the need for intervention to safeguard the interests of Indian startups.

De-listing not permitted

The minister’s firm stance on the removal of apps from the Play Store reflects the government’s position on the matter. The government believes that removing these apps is not an acceptable solution and emphasizes the need to resolve the issue in a manner that protects the rights of startups and promotes fair competition in the market.

Googles uklanjanje aplikacija s Play Storea ne može biti dozvoljeno: Ministar informacijske tehnologije

Criticism from Startups

Protest against Google’s practices

The removal of apps from the Play Store has sparked strong criticism from Indian startups, who have been at odds with Google for some time. Many startups have expressed their disapproval of Google’s practices, including its in-app payment fees. These companies argue that these fees are unfair and limit their revenue potential.

Impact on business revenue

The removal of apps from the Play Store has had a significant impact on the revenue of the affected startups. One such company, Matrimony.com, has seen over 150 of its apps removed, leading to a potential drop in revenue. This loss of access to the Play Store can have severe consequences for these startups, as it hinders their ability to reach a wide user base and generate revenue through in-app purchases.

Google’s Perspective

Importance of in-app fees

Google has defended its in-app payment fees, highlighting their significance in supporting the development and promotion of the Android and Play Store ecosystem. The tech giant argues that these fees enable it to provide a platform where developers can monetize their apps and reach a global audience.

Choice for companies to pay or be removed

According to Google, companies have the choice to either pay the in-app fees or face potential removal from the Play Store. The company maintains that these fees are necessary to sustain and improve its services, and they are not arbitrary or excessive. Google’s stance reinforces its commitment to its payment guidelines and its belief in a fair and transparent application of its policies.

Googles uklanjanje aplikacija s Play Storea ne može biti dozvoljeno: Ministar informacijske tehnologije

Affected Companies

Matrimony.com’s apps removed

Matrimony.com, a popular Indian company offering matchmaking services, is one of the companies whose apps have been removed from the Play Store. With over 150 apps taken down, Matrimony.com faces significant challenges in maintaining its user base and generating revenue. The company’s founder has expressed concerns about the potential long-term consequences of this removal, including a significant drop in revenue.

Info Edge’s apps removed

Another company impacted by the removal of apps from the Play Store is Info Edge. The removal affected the company’s job search app, Naukri, as well as another real estate search app. While some of the company’s apps have been restored, details about the restoration and the status of other affected apps remain undisclosed.

Past Incidents

Removal of Paytm app in 2020

Google’s removal of apps from the Play Store is not an isolated incident. In 2020, the popular Indian payments app Paytm was briefly removed from the store due to policy violations. This incident prompted a strong response from the startup industry, leading to the launch of alternative app stores and legal cases against Google.

Launch of alternative app stores and legal cases

The removal of the Paytm app in 2020 had a significant impact on the startup industry in India. It led to the emergence of alternative app stores and the filing of legal cases against Google, challenging its dominance in the market. This incident highlighted the need for greater competition and alternatives to the Play Store.

Resolution by Antitrust Authorities

Order to stop mandatorily enforcing in-app fees

In response to complaints from Indian startups, the country’s antitrust authorities ordered Google to stop mandatorily enforcing its in-app payment fees. The authorities argued that these fees limited the choice and competitiveness of app developers. This order was seen as a positive step towards fostering a more inclusive and competitive app ecosystem.

Court decisions in favor of Google

Despite the order from the antitrust authorities, Google received two court decisions in January and February that allowed it to continue charging the in-app payment fees or remove apps that refused to comply. These court decisions reaffirmed Google’s position and its right to enforce its payment guidelines on its platform.

Impact on Matrimony.com

Significant drop in revenue

The removal of Matrimony.com’s apps from the Play Store has had a severe impact on the company’s revenue. With over 150 apps taken down, Matrimony.com has lost access to a significant user base and a valuable source of income. The absence of its apps on the Play Store poses a serious threat to the company’s financial stability and long-term viability.

Out of business without Play Store

If the removal of Matrimony.com’s apps from the Play Store continues for an extended period, the company’s future prospects may be at risk. Without access to the Play Store, Matrimony.com may struggle to sustain its operations and attract new users. The removal from the Play Store effectively renders the company out of business, highlighting the critical role of app store presence for startups.

Update on Info Edge

Restoration of some apps

Following the removal of its apps from the Play Store, Info Edge has experienced a partial restoration of its affected apps. However, specific details about the restoration process and the status of other removed apps remain undisclosed. This restoration is a positive development for the company, but the overall impact on its revenue and user base needs further assessment.

No details provided

The lack of details regarding the restoration of Info Edge’s apps raises questions about the extent of the company’s recovery and the overall implications of the removal. Without a comprehensive update from Info Edge, stakeholders are left with limited information to gauge the full scope of the situation and its potential consequences.

Outlook for App Developers

Continued challenges and negotiations

App developers in India can anticipate continued challenges and negotiations with Google regarding in-app payment fees and other guidelines. The ongoing discussions between the government, Google, and the startups highlight the need for constructive dialogue to reach a resolution that supports the interests of all stakeholders involved. Continued engagement and negotiations are crucial to addressing the concerns raised by startups and ensuring a fair and competitive app market.

Exploring alternative platforms and solutions

The removal of apps from the Play Store underscores the significance of exploring alternative platforms and solutions for app developers. The emergence of alternative app stores in response to past incidents demonstrates the potential for diversifying app distribution channels. By exploring alternative platforms, app developers can mitigate their dependence on a single app store and potentially negotiate more favorable terms and conditions for their businesses.

In conclusion, Google’s removal of apps from the Play Store in India has triggered a series of reactions and discussions among various stakeholders. The dispute over service fee payments and the subsequent removal of apps have raised concerns about fair competition, revenue losses for startups, and the need for greater transparency in app store policies. As negotiations continue between the government, Google, and the startups, the future of app development and distribution in India remains uncertain. However, the incident highlights the importance of seeking alternative platforms, engaging in constructive dialogue, and finding solutions that support the growth and sustainability of the Indian app ecosystem.

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