Appleova istraživanja na robotima predstavljaju novu kreativnu nadogradnju kojom se kompanija nada pronaći nove izvore prihoda nakon otkazivanja Appleovog automobila. Apple je uključen u proučavanje područja personalnih robotičkih uređaja, pri čemu istražuje primjenu umjetne inteligencije i strojnog učenja kako bi stvorio korisne robote za kućnu upotrebu. Ovaj članak se fokusira na sve što trenutno znamo o Appleovom interesu za robotiku, i bit će ažuriran s novim glasinama i informacijama.

The Robot Rumors

With the Apple Car project canceled, Apple is now exploring new markets to find new revenue streams. One area the company is focusing on is personal robotics. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into Apple’s interest in robotics, including their search for the next big thing, their engineering teams’ work on in-home robotic devices, and their exploration of AI software.

Appleova istraživanja na robotima: Ono što do sada znamo

Mobile Robot

Apple is considering the development of a mobile robot that would serve as a versatile home companion. Similar to an iPad on wheels, this robot would have various functions and capabilities. It would be able to make FaceTime calls, monitor the home, perform simple tasks, and answer queries. To achieve this, Apple is actively exploring AI algorithms for robot navigation in cluttered spaces, enabling the robot to move around with ease.

However, designing a cleaning and chores robot like Rosey from the Jetsons presents significant challenges. Apple recognizes the extraordinarily difficult engineering challenges associated with such a project. As a result, the development of a robot that can clean and perform other household chores is unlikely to happen in this decade.

Table-Top Robot

Apple is also working on an advanced table-top home device that utilizes robotics to move a display around. This device, described as a robotic motor on a small stand, mimics the head movements of a person during a FaceTime video call. It can nod and precisely lock onto a single person during a group FaceTime call.

One of the main difficulties Apple has encountered with this project is managing the weight and balance of the device. Additionally, the company is unsure whether consumers would be willing to pay top dollar for such a product. Consequently, the robotic display has been added and removed from Apple’s product roadmap multiple times over the years.

Appleova istraživanja na robotima: Ono što do sada znamo

Secret House Facility

Apple reportedly has a secret facility designed to resemble the inside of a home. This facility serves as a testing ground for Apple’s future home products. By creating an environment that simulates real-life scenarios, Apple can evaluate the performance and functionality of their robotic devices before introducing them to the market.

Other Home Devices

In addition to the mobile robot and table-top robot, Apple is actively developing other home devices. One such device is an iPad-like home hub that acts as a central control system for smart devices in the home. This hub would streamline the management of various devices and enhance the user experience.

Furthermore, Apple is rumored to be working on a version of the Apple TV that integrates HomePod speakers and a camera. This integration would provide users with a comprehensive entertainment and communication system.

There have also been speculations surrounding a HomePod with a display, which could potentially revolutionize the smart speaker market. With a built-in display, the HomePod would offer enhanced visual interaction and functionality.

Appleova istraživanja na robotima: Ono što do sada znamo

Apple’s Competition

Apple is not the only company venturing into the robotics market. Amazon has its Astro robot, which is priced at $1,600 and is available by invitation only. Astro can navigate the home and remotely check specific rooms, individuals, and objects when the user is away. It can even send alerts for unrecognized individuals and alarm sounds. Astro also features a built-in display and can perform tasks like watching TV, making calls, setting reminders, and sending messages. Additionally, it can be equipped with various accessories, such as a Ziploc container or a Furbo Dog Camera for pet owners.

Sony, known for its innovations in robotics, has introduced the Aibo robotic dog. Priced at $2,900, Aibo is designed to simulate the behavior of a real dog, with lifelike movements, expressions, and an interest in human interaction. Aibo can learn tricks, play with toys, and respond to commands, creating a unique interactive experience for users.

There are also several other home robots available on the market, including robot vacuums like the Roomba. These devices can autonomously navigate the home, ensuring cleanliness and removing dust, dirt, pet fur, and other debris.

Robot Launch Date

Apple’s work on personal robotics is still in the early stages. The company currently has small teams exploring various concepts and possibilities. While there is no certainty about the launch of a robot, Apple’s interest in robotics and their commitment to innovation are evident. As the research and development process progresses, we may see more concrete plans regarding the introduction of Apple’s robotic devices.

In conclusion, Apple’s exploration of personal robotics represents a new frontier for the company. With dedicated engineering teams and a focus on AI software, Apple is striving to create innovative in-home robotic devices. While challenges and uncertainties remain, the potential for revolutionary products in the future is promising. As Apple continues to advance its work in the field of robotics, we eagerly anticipate the next big thing from this tech giant.

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Appleova istraživanja na robotima: Ono što do sada znamo

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