Apple Vision Pro headset je moćan uređaj koji ima potencijal da zamijeni iPad, međutim, ostvarivanje „idealnog oblika“ ovog uređaja moglo bi potrajati četiri generacije, prema nekim članovima Apple-ovog Vision Products Groupa. Novinar Bloomberga, Mark Gurman, koji je u dobrim odnosima sa Apple-om, izjavio je da je timu koji radi na ovom headsetu potrebno još mnogo posla kako bi uređaj bio dovoljno rafiniran za svakodnevnu upotrebu. Kritike korisnika prvog generacijskog uređaja odnosile su se na preveliku težinu i nespretnost uređaja, lošu trajnost baterije, nedovoljan broj aplikacija i probleme sa softverom. Ako Apple-ov tim uspije riješiti ove probleme tokom četiri generacije, Vision Pro bi mogao zamijeniti iPad i postati glavna Apple-ova ponuda.

Apple Vision Pro Može Potrajati Četiri Generacije da Dostigne Idealan Oblik

Apple Vision Pro Could Take Four Generations to Reach ‘Ideal Form’

Opinions within Apple’s Vision Products Group

Realizing the Apple Vision Pro headset’s „ideal form“ could take four successive generations of the device, some people in Apple’s Vision Products Group believe. That’s according to well-connected Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman.

Mark Gurman’s report

Writing in his latest Power On newsletter, Gurman says the feeling amongst some of the team working on Apple’s headset is that there is much work to do before the device can be considered refined enough for customers to use on a day-to-day basis.

Considerations for ‘ideal form’

While it’s not clear what Apple’s development team consider to be the device’s „ideal form,“ it’s easy enough to take cues from some early adopters, whose issues with the first-generation device have extended to both the hardware and the software.

Challenges Faced by the Current Generation

Heavy and unwieldy design

Many Vision Pro users feel the headset itself is too heavy and unwieldy for extended use, making generational miniaturization a crucial touchstone for improvement.

Poor battery life

Another issue faced by the current generation is the poor battery life of the Vision Pro headset. Users have expressed frustration over the short battery runtime, which hampers their ability to use the device for an extended period without recharging.

Lack of dedicated apps

Early adopters have also raised concerns about the lack of dedicated apps available for the Vision Pro headset. While Apple has a vast ecosystem of apps for its other products, the Vision Pro currently falls short in terms of available software specifically designed for its unique features.

Bugs in visionOS

Another major challenge faced by the current generation of the Vision Pro headset is the presence of bugs in the visionOS software. Users have reported various glitches and issues that affect the overall user experience and performance of the device.

Apple Vision Pro Može Potrajati Četiri Generacije da Dostigne Idealan Oblik

Comparison with Previous Apple Products

Progression of the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

If Apple’s team can resolve the challenges faced by the current generation of the Vision Pro headset over four generations – similar to the progression of the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch – Gurman’s take is that the Vision Pro could eventually replace the iPad. This comparison highlights the potential for significant advancements and refinements in each successive iteration of the device.

Potential for Vision Pro to replace the iPad

Considering Apple’s track record of innovation and improvement with its flagship products, there is a possibility that the Vision Pro headset could eventually replace the iPad in terms of functionality and user experience. However, this would require significant advancements in both hardware and software, as well as widespread adoption and support from developers and content creators.

Struggles of the iPad as a Mac Replacement

Mixed results in positioning

Apple has had „mixed results“ in attempting to position the iPad as more of a Mac replacement, according to Gurman. Despite Apple’s efforts to make it a multitasking device with features like Stage Manager, the iPad has struggled to become a true productivity workhorse like the Mac.

Failure to become a true productivity workhorse

While the iPad offers a portable and versatile computing experience, it has not been able to fully replace traditional laptops and desktops for power users who require advanced productivity features and software. The limitations of the iPad’s operating system and available applications have hindered its potential as a complete Mac alternative.

iPad’s place in Apple’s product portfolio

Gurman points out that the iPad’s role within Apple’s product portfolio has become somewhat uncertain. The device has lost its original purpose and identity, making it a confusing addition to Apple’s lineup of products. The Vision Pro headset, with its potential to replace the iPad, could help clarify Apple’s product strategy and provide a focused direction for the company’s vision products.

Apple Vision Pro Može Potrajati Četiri Generacije da Dostigne Idealan Oblik

Necessary Improvements for Vision Pro

Hardware upgrades

To reach its „ideal form,“ the Vision Pro headset will require significant hardware upgrades in subsequent generations. These upgrades may focus on reducing the weight and size of the device, improving battery life, enhancing display quality, and incorporating advanced sensors and technologies.

Software updates

In addition to hardware improvements, the Vision Pro will also need continuous software updates to address bugs and enhance the overall user experience. Apple will have to refine the visionOS software, optimize performance, and introduce new features to fully unlock the potential of the device.

Support from app developers and content makers

For the Vision Pro to succeed as a replacement for the iPad, it will need extensive support from app developers and content makers. This support includes creating dedicated apps that take advantage of the headset’s unique capabilities, as well as producing immersive and compelling content specifically designed for the Vision Pro.

Vision Pro as a Prototype

Paying Apple for testing

Gurman describes the current iteration of the Vision Pro headset as essentially a prototype. Users who want to experience and test the device are required to pay a premium price to Apple. This approach allows Apple to gather valuable feedback and data from early adopters, which can inform future improvements and iterations of the device.

The potential of Vision Pro

Despite its current limitations, the Vision Pro headset holds immense potential as a groundbreaking product. With each successive generation, Apple can refine and enhance the device, eventually reaching its „ideal form“ where it can offer a seamless and immersive augmented reality experience. The Vision Pro could revolutionize various industries, including gaming, entertainment, education, and professional applications.

The Price and Availability of Vision Pro

Starting price at $3,500

Currently, the Vision Pro headset is available for purchase at a starting price of $3,500. This premium price reflects the prototype nature of the device and the investment required to be an early adopter. As the device evolves and matures over subsequent generations, it is expected that the price will become more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

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Bloomberg, Mark Gurman

The Bloomberg tag signifies that the article is based on information and insights provided by Bloomberg, a trusted and reputable source in the tech industry. Mark Gurman, a well-known reporter from Bloomberg, has provided valuable opinions and analysis regarding the Apple Vision Pro headset.

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In conclusion, the Apple Vision Pro headset has the potential to revolutionize augmented reality experiences. However, reaching its „ideal form“ may require several generations of refinement and improvement. The challenges faced by the current generation, including design shortcomings, poor battery life, lack of dedicated apps, and software bugs, highlight the work ahead for Apple’s Vision Products Group. By leveraging the lessons learned from the progression of previous Apple products and addressing the struggles faced by the iPad as a Mac replacement, the Vision Pro headset can eventually become a viable alternative. It will require hardware upgrades, software updates, and strong support from developers and content creators to fulfill its promise and truly replace the iPad. As a prototype, the Vision Pro offers a glimpse into the future of augmented reality, and with continual improvements, it can become an indispensable tool for various industries. The Vision Pro’s premium price reflects its status as a prototype, but as the device evolves, it is expected to become more accessible to a broader audience. For the latest news and updates on the Vision Pro, readers can refer to the MacRumors website, and for engaging discussions and community interaction, the dedicated forum provides a platform for users to connect and share their insights.

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