Apple TV nova navigacija u tvOS 17.2 donosi ažuriranje aplikacije koja olakšava navigaciju i pronalaženje sadržaja za gledanje. Novi bočni meni sadrži sadržaj iz različitih aplikacija i streaming usluga, uključujući i Apple TV +. Pored toga, korisnicima je omogućen pristup specifičnom sadržaju iz određenih streaming usluga putem posebnog odeljka „Kanali i aplikacije“. Novi dizajn također uključuje poboljšanja na iPhoneu i iPadu, sa sveobuhvatnim sekcijama prodavnice i združenih kartica za filmove i TV emisije. Ova nadogradnja se implementira nakon izvještaja iz Bloomberga koji je najavio novi dizajn, a iako je neka od predviđanja iz tog izvještaja još uvijek u procesu izrade, korisnici će moći da uživaju u poboljšanoj navigaciji i pronalasku željenog sadržaja na svojim Apple TV uređajima.

Apple TV nova navigacija u tvOS 17.2

Dedicated Sidebar

The Apple TV app in tvOS 17.2 beta has introduced a dedicated sidebar that provides users with a more streamlined and efficient way to navigate and find content to watch. This sidebar includes various sections that house content from different apps and streaming services, including Apple TV+.

The dedicated sidebar has the following sections:


The Search section allows users to easily search for specific shows, movies, or content across various apps and streaming services integrated with the Apple TV app. This ensures that users can quickly find what they’re looking for without having to navigate through multiple apps.

Watch Now

The Watch Now section provides users with personalized recommendations and suggestions based on their viewing history and preferences. This section makes it convenient for users to continue watching their favorite shows or movies from where they left off and discover new content that they might enjoy.

Apple TV+

The Apple TV+ section showcases the original content available on Apple’s streaming service. Users can access exclusive TV shows, movies, and documentaries produced by Apple and enjoy high-quality entertainment directly through the Apple TV app.

MLS Season Pass

The MLS Season Pass section allows users to access and keep track of Major League Soccer (MLS) games and related content. This is especially beneficial for soccer enthusiasts who want to stay up to date with their favorite teams and matches.


The Sports section provides easy access to sports-related content, such as live games, highlights, and sports news. Users can conveniently browse through different sports categories and catch up on the latest events and scores.


The Store section enables users to browse and purchase or rent movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store directly within the Apple TV app. This section integrates the functionality of the standalone iTunes Apple TV app into the main Apple TV app for a more seamless experience.


The Library section displays a user’s personal collection of movies and TV shows that they have purchased or rented. It serves as a centralized hub for all the content that users own and offers convenient access to their favorite media.

Apple TV nova navigacija u tvOS 17.2

Channels and Apps

In addition to the dedicated sidebar, the Apple TV app also provides a separate „Channels and Apps“ area where users can access content from specific streaming services that have integrated with the app. This feature enhances the accessibility and convenience of accessing content from multiple sources within a single app.

The available channels and apps that users can access through the Apple TV app include popular options like ABC, CBS, Comedy Central, Hulu, ESPN, Discovery, Peacock, Prime Video, and many more. By integrating these streaming services into the Apple TV app, users can easily switch between different channels and apps without having to navigate through separate interfaces.

Apple TV nova navigacija u tvOS 17.2

Content Suggestions for Specific Services

The Apple TV app offers personalized recommendations and content suggestions based on the user’s viewing habits and preferences. For example, when users access a specific channel like Hulu, the app displays tailored content suggestions and watch next recommendations exclusively from that service. This makes it easier for users to discover new shows, movies, and content that align with their interests.

Furthermore, the Watch Now section of the Apple TV app has been enhanced with a new „My TV“ section located below the top charts. This section seems to curate TV suggestions from multiple networks, providing users with a variety of options to explore. It serves as a replacement for the previous „For You“ section and ensures that users have a comprehensive selection of content to choose from.

Apple TV nova navigacija u tvOS 17.2

Changes in Apple TV App on iPhone and iPad

The changes introduced to the Apple TV app in tvOS 17.2 beta extend beyond the Apple TV itself and encompass the app’s functionality on the iPhone and iPad as well. Notably, the Store section on these devices no longer features separate tabs for Movies and TV Shows. Instead, all content is integrated together, simplifying the browsing and purchasing experience for users.

This change reflects Apple’s commitment to streamlining the user interface and making it more intuitive across different devices. By consolidating Movies and TV Shows into a single category, users can easily explore both types of content without having to switch between tabs or sections.

Apple TV nova navigacija u tvOS 17.2

Upcoming Design Changes

According to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is planning to introduce a new design for the Apple TV app in December. While the specific details of this design are not yet available, it is expected that Apple will enhance the app’s visual appeal and user experience.

Furthermore, Gurman’s report mentioned that Apple will remove the standalone iTunes Apple TV apps that are currently available for renting and purchasing TV shows and movies. Although this change has not been implemented in tvOS 17.2 beta, it indicates that Apple is actively working on refining and optimizing the Apple TV app to provide a more seamless content consumption experience.

As users eagerly anticipate the upcoming design changes, it is clear that Apple remains committed to improving the Apple TV app and ensuring that it meets the evolving needs and preferences of its users. The introduction of the dedicated sidebar, the integration of various streaming services, and the personalized content suggestions all contribute to a more comprehensive and convenient entertainment experience within the Apple TV app.

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