Apple trenutno radi na novoj verziji iOS 17.4 koja donosi neke značajne promjene za iPhone i iPad korisnike u Europi. Neki od najvećih ažuriranja će biti dostupni samo korisnicima u Europskoj uniji, ali također će biti mnogo funkcija u iOS 17.4 koje će biti dostupne globalno. U ovom članku saželi smo sve nove funkcije koje su do sada dostupne u iOS 17.4.

Apple radi na novoj verziji iOS 17.4 sa svim novim funkcijama

EU Changes

Apple has made significant changes to the way the App Store and apps operate in the European Union with the release of iOS 17.4. These changes have been implemented to comply with the Digital Markets Act and are limited to countries within the European Union.

Alternative App Stores and New App Store Terms

App developers in the EU now have the option to offer alternative app stores or install their apps through alternative means. Apple has introduced a new fee structure to accompany this change. Developers can choose to opt into a new business structure, which applies to both apps distributed in the App Store and apps distributed through alternative stores.

Under the new system, developers will pay a standard fee of 0.50 euros per user per year, with the first million installs offered for free. Apps distributed through alternative app stores will have no commission, while apps distributed through the App Store will pay a reduced 17 percent commission. Developers enrolled in the small business program or with user subscriptions older than a year will only pay a 10 percent commission.

Developers also have the option to stick with the existing fee structure, which includes a 15/30 percent commission. Apple has provided a fee calculator to help developers determine the fees under different scenarios.

Users in the EU now have the ability to set their preferred alternative app store as the default app store on their device. This can be done through the Settings app. Additionally, there have been various behind-the-scenes changes to enable this feature, such as pop-up warnings for apps containing malware from alternative app stores and new screens for verifying information from alternative apps. Parents can also use a Screen Time setting to control whether their children’s devices can install apps from alternative app marketplaces.

Alternative Payment Options

Apple now allows apps to use alternative payment options, removing the requirement to use in-app purchases. Developers who distribute their apps through the App Store and use an alternative payment option will receive a three percent discount on their App Store fees. Developers who distribute through alternative apps and also use alternative payment options will not pay any fees beyond the standard 0.50 euro fee per user.

With alternative payments, users can make purchases for digital goods and services directly within an app or choose to make a payment through a developer’s website. Apple requires developers to use a known and secure payment provider.

Third-Party Browser Updates

In iOS 17.4, EU users will see a pop-up when opening Safari that allows them to choose a new default browser option from a list of popular browsers on iOS. Apple is also allowing alternative browser engines, giving browsers like Chrome the ability to use different rendering engines instead of being limited to WebKit.

NFC Access

Third-party payment apps and banks now have access to the NFC chip in the iPhone in iOS 17.4. This enables them to offer contactless payments directly on the iPhone without relying on Apple Pay or the Wallet app. EU users can set a default contactless payment provider, which will activate at tap-to-pay terminals or when the Side button on the iPhone is pressed twice. The Settings app provides an option to set the default contactless payment provider and displays all apps that have requested and been granted contactless payment access. Users can also change the default Wallet app on the iPhone.

Gaming App Changes

iOS 17.4 allows streaming game apps to be offered on the App Store worldwide. This means services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce NOW can now be accessed as standalone iPhone and iPad apps. Previously, Apple only allowed cloud gaming services to be offered through the web, but now dedicated apps that allow users to stream games from servers are permitted. In addition, mini-apps, mini-games, chatbots, and plug-ins can now use the in-app purchase system.

Apple radi na novoj verziji iOS 17.4 sa svim novim funkcijama

New Emoji

iOS 17.4 introduces new emoji characters as part of the Unicode 15.1 update. Users can expect to find emoji such as lime, an edible brown mushroom, a phoenix, a broken chain, and various head shaking gestures. These emoji add more diversity and options for users to express themselves in their conversations.

Messaging with Siri

The „Automatically Send Messages“ setting under Siri & Search has been renamed „Messaging with Siri“ in iOS 17.4. Users now have the option to choose a specific language for Siri to read incoming messages in, allowing for a more personalized messaging experience. It’s important to note that this change does not update the primary language that Siri listens and responds to, but is limited to message playback.

Apple radi na novoj verziji iOS 17.4 sa svim novim funkcijama

Podcasts and Music

In iOS 17.4, the „Listen Now“ tabs in Apple Music and Podcasts have been renamed to „Home.“ This update aims to provide a more cohesive and easily accessible experience for users.

Podcast Transcripts

The Podcasts app now offers transcripts, similar to how lyrics work in the Apple Music app. This feature allows users to read along with podcast episodes and enhances accessibility for those who may have difficulty hearing or understanding audio content. Additionally, Podcasts now uses the Apple Music Now Playing bar when collapsed, providing a consistent user interface across both apps.

Apple radi na novoj verziji iOS 17.4 sa svim novim funkcijama


One noticeable change in iOS 17.4 is the wider URL/search bar in Safari. This update gives users more visibility and space when typing or viewing website addresses. The wider bar enhances the browsing experience and makes it easier to interact with the Safari browser.

Stolen Device Protection

iOS 17.4 introduces a Stolen Device Protection feature in the Settings app. Users now have the option to require a security delay always or only when they are away from familiar locations. This added protection helps prevent unauthorized access to stolen devices and reinforces the security measures in place to protect user data.

Apple radi na novoj verziji iOS 17.4 sa svim novim funkcijama

Release Date

Apple plans to release iOS 17.4 in March, with expectations pointing towards the first week of the month. This update brings numerous changes and improvements to the iPhone and iPad, particularly for users within the European Union. Stay tuned for more information and updates on the exact release date of iOS 17.4.

In conclusion, iOS 17.4 introduces significant changes to the App Store, alternative payment options, NFC access, and gaming apps. It also brings new emoji, enhancements to messaging with Siri, improvements in podcast and music apps, updates to Safari, stolen device protection, and next-generation CarPlay support. Apple continues to prioritize user experience and compliance with regulations while delivering innovative features and improvements to its devices.

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