Apple je danas izdao ažuriranja za svoj Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Motion, Compressor i Logic Pro softver, uključujući nove značajke i optimizacije. Apple je ranije ovog mjeseca najavio ažuriranja za Final Cut Pro za iPad i Mac, a sada su ih lansirali. Na Macu, Final Cut Pro je dobio unaprijeđenja u organizaciji kao što je automatsko pomicanje vremenske linije. Također je dodat pogled na organizaciju vremenske linije i jednostavnije je prepoznavanje klipova prema dodijeljenim ulogama pomoću različitih boja. Na Apple silicon Mac računalima, izvoz projekata u H.264 i HEVC formatima je brži, a Final Cut Pro sada može poslati video segmente dostupnim medijskim motorima za istovremenu obradu. Nadalje, ažurirana verzija Final Cut Pro za iPad uključuje mogućnost snimanja naracije i audio zapisa izravno na vremensku liniju s iPadom. Također su dodane nove mogućnosti za stabilizaciju snimaka i uređivanje uz nove prečace na tipkovnici. iMovie i Compressor također uključuju optimizacije za izvoz datoteka na određenim Mac računalima, a Motion ima poboljšanja na Macovima s Apple silicon čipom. Logic Pro ima ažurirane ispravke grešaka. Uz pristupačne cijene, ova ažuriranja omogućavaju korisnicima Napole da pruže sjajno iskustvo kroz novu funkcionalnost i optimizacije.

Apple dodaje nove značajke u Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Motion, Compressor i Logic Pro

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro, Apple’s renowned video editing software, has received a significant update with a range of new features and refinements. With a focus on enhancing organization and efficiency, the latest version of Final Cut Pro provides users with a seamless and intuitive editing experience.

Organizational Refinements

One of the notable improvements in Final Cut Pro is the introduction of organizational refinements. Users can now benefit from automatic timeline scrolling, which ensures that the timeline adjusts accordingly as they navigate through their project. This feature simplifies the editing process and allows for a more fluid and uninterrupted workflow.

Keeping Clips in View During Playback

To further enhance the editing experience, Final Cut Pro now enables users to keep clips in view during playback. This means that you can easily monitor your clips and make real-time adjustments as needed. Whether you’re fine-tuning transitions, adjusting color corrections, or working on visual effects, this new feature ensures that your clips are always within sight.

Adjusting View Using Keyboard Shortcuts or Zoom option

To facilitate efficient navigation within the editing interface, Final Cut Pro offers multiple options for adjusting the view. Users can take advantage of convenient keyboard shortcuts to zoom in or out, making it easier to focus on specific details. Additionally, the Zoom option provides a straightforward method for adjusting the view and customizing the workspace according to your preferences.

Timeline Organization at a Glance

In the new version of Final Cut Pro, timeline organization has been improved to provide a clearer overview of your project. Important details, such as clip placement, transitions, and effects, are now easily visible at a glance. This enhancement allows for better project management and streamlines the editing process.

Differentiating Clips by Assigned Role

To enhance the visual clarity of your timeline, Final Cut Pro introduces the ability to differentiate clips by assigned roles. Clips assigned to specific roles are now displayed with distinct colors, making it easier to identify various elements within the project. This new feature simplifies the editing workflow, particularly in complex projects with numerous clips and roles.

Tools for Cleaning up Complex Timeline Sections

Editing complex timelines can be challenging, but Final Cut Pro offers new tools to simplify the process. The latest update includes specialized tools designed specifically for cleaning up complex timeline sections. These tools provide greater control and precision, allowing you to optimize your edits and remove any unwanted elements quickly and efficiently.

Fine-tuning Edits with Overlapping Connected Clips

To refine your edits and achieve seamless transitions, Final Cut Pro now provides the ability to fine-tune edits with overlapping connected clips. By combining overlapping clips into a single connected storyline, you can create more polished and cohesive sequences. This feature gives you greater flexibility and control over the editing process, resulting in professional-quality videos.

Faster Exporting Projects in H.264 and HEVC on Apple Silicon Macs

Apple has made significant strides in optimizing Final Cut Pro’s exporting capabilities on Apple silicon Macs. With the latest update, exporting projects in H.264 and HEVC formats is faster than ever before. Final Cut Pro is now able to utilize available media engines to process video segments simultaneously, resulting in improved rendering speeds and overall productivity.

Sending Video Segments for Simultaneous Processing

To further enhance the exporting process, Final Cut Pro now offers the capability to send video segments to available media engines for simultaneous processing. This optimization ensures that exporting projects is a streamlined and efficient operation. By leveraging the power of multiple media engines, Final Cut Pro accelerates the rendering process, saving valuable time and improving productivity.


Apple has also introduced new features and optimizations to iMovie, its popular video editing software designed for both beginners and experienced users. The latest update brings several improvements that enhance both the usability and functionality of iMovie.

File Exporting Optimizations on M1 Machines

iMovie now benefits from file exporting optimizations specifically tailored for M1 Max, M1 Ultra, M2 Max, M2 Ultra, and M3 Max machines. These optimizations maximize the capabilities of these powerful devices, ensuring that file exports are fast and efficient. Users can expect quicker rendering times and smoother performance when exporting their projects.

Creating Stereoscopic Packages for the iTunes Store

With the latest update, iMovie introduces new options for creating stereoscopic packages, specifically designed for the iTunes Store. This enhancement opens up new possibilities for content creators, enabling them to produce immersive and engaging videos with 3D effects. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or a video enthusiast, these new options in iMovie empower you to showcase your creativity in exciting ways.

Support for JSON and XML in Batch Exporting Submissions

To streamline the submission process, iMovie now supports JSON and XML when batch exporting submissions using the command line. This optimization simplifies the workflow for users who need to export multiple projects simultaneously. By supporting these industry-standard formats, iMovie ensures compatibility and efficiency when working with other software or platforms.

Apple dodaje nove značajke u Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Motion, Compressor i Logic Pro


Motion, Apple’s motion graphics and visual effects software, has received notable improvements in its latest update. These enhancements cater to Mac users with Apple silicon, ensuring a smooth and optimized experience.

Improvements to the Object Tracker on Apple Silicon Macs

One of Motion’s standout features is the Object Tracker, and Apple has focused on refining its performance on Macs with Apple silicon. The updated version of Motion utilizes the advanced capabilities of Apple’s own silicon chips, resulting in improved tracking accuracy and efficiency. Whether you’re working on motion graphics or adding visual effects, Motion’s enhanced Object Tracker offers precise and reliable tracking capabilities.


Compressor, Apple’s powerful media encoding software, has also been updated with optimizations to enhance its performance on specific Mac machines.

File Exporting Optimizations on M1 Machines

Compressor benefits from the same file exporting optimizations as iMovie, specifically tailored for M1 Max, M1 Ultra, M2 Max, M2 Ultra, and M3 Max machines. These optimizations ensure that Compressor harnesses the full potential of these devices, delivering faster and more efficient file exports. Whether you’re encoding videos for online streaming or preparing media for distribution, Compressor’s optimized performance guarantees high-quality results.

Apple dodaje nove značajke u Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Motion, Compressor i Logic Pro

Logic Pro

Apple’s professional music production software, Logic Pro, has received improvements in the form of bug fixes. These fixes address various issues and enhance the stability and reliability of Logic Pro.


When it comes to pricing, Final Cut Pro, the flagship video editing software, is available for a one-time cost of $300. This investment grants users access to a comprehensive set of tools and features, empowering them to create professional-quality videos.

For iPad users, Final Cut Pro is also available at a more accessible price point. A subscription to Final Cut Pro for iPad costs $4.99 per month or $49 per year. This subscription model ensures that users can enjoy the full capabilities of Final Cut Pro on their iPad at an affordable price.

Compressor and Motion for Mac are both priced at $50 each, offering powerful encoding and motion graphics capabilities to users. Logic Pro, the comprehensive music production software, is available for $200, providing musicians and producers with a versatile and advanced production environment.

iMovie, Apple’s beginner-friendly video editing software, remains free of charge. This accessibility makes iMovie a popular choice for individuals who are new to video editing or require basic editing functionalities.

In summary, Apple’s recent updates to Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Motion, Compressor, and Logic Pro bring a range of new features and refinements to these powerful software tools. Whether you’re a professional video editor, a content creator, or a music producer, these updates enhance your editing capabilities and improve your workflow. With advanced organizational features, improved exporting optimizations, and new creative options, Apple continues to empower users to create stunning and professional content.

Apple dodaje nove značajke u Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Motion, Compressor i Logic Pro

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